Thursday, October 4, 2018
Clint Stein- Columbia Bank
Chief Operating Officer Clint Stein will share an update on how things are going at Tacoma-based Columbia Bank, which is marking its 25th anniversary and recently ranked in the top 30 on the Forbes list of best banks. Columbia started with 8 branches and a quarter-billion dollars in assets in 1993, and now has 155 branches and $12.6 billion in assets in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.
Clint Stein was promoted to EVP & Chief Operating Officer of Columbia State Bank in July 2017.  He joined Columbia in 2005 as Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in January 2015. Prior to Columbia, Mr. Stein was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Albina Community Bank in Portland, Oregon. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Idaho. His post-graduate education includes the Graduate School of Bank Financial Management, and the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin.
The annual meeting of the Tacoma Rotary Foundation was held during the September 27, 2018 Club Meeting for the purpose of electing the Foundation Board of Directors for this Rotary year.  Club members in good standing are Foundation members. The results of the election include members of the Board; Linda Kaye Briggs, Mike Dunbar, Carol Duris, Mary McNally and Kirsten Willis. The officers who will serve are President Brett Thomas, Vice President Rick Oldenburg, Secretary Larry Ghilarducci and Treasurer Cynthia Darland
The TRF Board meets quarterly to provide governance and fiduciary oversight over the TRF Trust Fund, and the TRF Fundraising Account.
You have a challenge from our fabulous Literacy Committee.  Our dedicated group is once again checking off all of the items needed to receive yet another District Literacy Award. An item this year is asking clubs to donate two books per member to reading programs for children.  Our goal is 300 books from members to be matched by books from the committee enabling us to far exceed the goal.  Pick up a new or gently used book and bring it to the office or a meeting in the next few weeks.  Let's help encourage readers! 
Our next Thursday at 5 is coming up on October 11 and we expect another great crowd.  Check your calendar and use this link to register now.


The lease on the Rotary office expires on February 28 and we are considering alternative arrangements. Our  plan is to make a decision by mid-December, allowing sufficient time if we need to organize a move.
We currently have about 2,000 square feet with a conference room, 3 workstations, a private office, a break room, restrooms and significant storage space. This is more space than is currently needed, but we do have a very reasonable rent.
If you are aware of office space that might be able to accommodate our needs please contact George Pilant at George will lead a small task group who will narrow the options and present them to the board for approval by their December 17 meeting.
Mark your calendar for the first meeting at the Yacht Club on November 1.  Robin Echtle used a clever poem at the meeting to advise members that in moving to a new venue we will have the challenge of providing them with an expected lunch count every week. As we make this transition we will be asking members to RSVP to our weekly meetings.  We have found the Thursdays at 5 RSVP process is working well and we might use something similar. We do not want the RSVP to be a barrier and every member is always welcome to join us at every meeting, but we need to know that there will be plenty of food, without incurring the kind of expense we have had at the Landmark. That first meeting we will be celebrating our veterans and will be joined by Chamber of Commerce members to honor their Military Citizen of the Year. This will be a popular meeting as always, and we know you all want to check out the Yacht Club.  The cost for lunch will be $21 and for those who just want coffee and dessert the cost will be $6.  Stayed tuned for more information as we work out the details! 
Membership Proposal
Unless written objections are submitted to the Board within 10 days of this posting, the following individuals will be invited to membership: 
Kierra Phifer
Energy Industry – Community Projects
Puget Sound Energy
Sponsor: Linda Kaye Briggs
Casey Carter
Health Services - Chiropractic
Pacific Wellness
Sponsor: Fred Moisio


Our Fall Firesides are coming up on October 23,and we received great early responses at the meeting last week.  Please consider being a host and sign up at our upcoming meetings.  This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other members in a small group setting. Linda Kaye will be sure to provide us with a thought provoking question. If you won't be at a meeting contact the office or Maria Harlow at to sign up.

Nominations for the Nominating Committees
Are you being called to serve? At the meeting this week we will accept nominations for 6 members for the Board Nominating Committee. Please notify the office or another member to ask them to enter your name for consideration if you are willing to serve. If you have someone in mind to nominate you must have their permission in advance before you suggest their name. The 3 who receive the highest number of votes will join Carol Duris, Brien Elvins and Jeremy Fogelquist who are the appointed members on the committee.  We will also be calling for 4 nominees for the Officer Nominating Committee. They will join appointed members, Linda Kaye Briggs, Carolyn Weyrick, Mike Dunbar, Jace Dwinell and Carol Webster.
If you would like to be considered for a club leadership position (President Elect Nominee, Treasurer or Board Member), contact the office.  We will maintain a confidential list of interested members and present that list to the nominating committees when they are in place.
Habitat Build 
What great support we have seen for the Habitat Build. The next build date is October 5 and you will want to join Marsha Burns, Maria Harlow, Stacey Ogle and Bob Swanson for a fun day! You can use this link to register.  There are also other dates available over the next few weeks to volunteer.  Use this link for a different date.  Special thanks to past volunteers Mark AndersonKim Bedier, Jan Brazzell, Linda Kaye Briggs, Marsha Burns, Libby Catalinich, Mike Dunbar, Carol Duris, Sally Glover, Whitney Grisaffi, Michele Johnson, Cindy Niemi, Stacey Ogle, Annie Ramirez, Renata Ramirez, Debbie Regala,Greg Rolsma, John Schneider, Alex Trettin  and Tamara Williams as well as some friends and family! Gil Quante  and Jim Whitacre  have helped feed our dedicated volunteers! 

Donate hotel size and full size toiletries

We support Tree House at MultiCare, YWCA, Nativity House Shelter, Salvation Army and other non profits as we are able.  Please donate your unused toiletries in full or small sizes.  We bring comfort and care to those experiencing a child's hospitalization or the homeless,  as well as families, veterans, youth and other individuals who are being rehoused. Bring your donations to a Rotary meeting.  Coordinated by Projects Committee member Maria Harlow  contact her at  if you have questions. 

Reflection - Becky Fontaine
Greeter/Roving Mic - 
Board Greeter/Roving Mic - Carol Webster
National Anthem & 4 Way Test - Jan Brazzell
Fine Counter - Robin Echtle
Storywriter - Miriam Barnett
Introduction - Diane Kelleher
Meeting Sponsor - Chris Serface
AV Assistant - Jeff Rounce
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
Birthdays This Week 
Scott Winship - Oct 1
Jennifer Wedderman - Oct 2
Carolyn Weyrick - Oct 2
Jeff Lyon - Oct 3
Conor McCarthy - Oct 4
Lee Gingrich - Oct 6
Anniversaries to Celebrate 
Cathy Hall - 15 years cumulative
Rusty Hersey - 20 years 
Cynthia Darland - Sonoita, AZ
Pete Taylor - Princess Cruises
Maria Harlow - Tacoma North
Fred Moisio - Tacoma North
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun
October 4th
Red Star
454 St Helens
Tacoma, WA
October 11th
Thursdays at 5
Cole Graphic Solutions
Tacoma, WA
October 18
Lovino Ristorante
5101 N Pearl Street
Tacoma, WA
October 25
El Gaucho
2119 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA
November 1
Cooks Tavern
3201 N 26th Street
Tacoma, WA
November 8
Thursdays at 5
Tacoma, WA
November 15
Terry’s Office Tavern
3410 N Proctor
Tacoma, WA
Reflections from the 9-27 meeting by Chris Serface
Linda Kaye started the  meeting on September 27 at 12:01pm with Kirsten Willis giving an inspirational invocation.  Mark Anderson followed it up with the National Anthem and Carlyn Roy rocked the last note. Linda Kaye shared the sad news that Joy Vivar-Beeks mother had passed away yesterday.  She let us know that a card would be circulating. 
She called for visiting Rotarians, and there were none, so Gil Quante and Marsha Burns grabbed the mics so that Carlyn Roy, Barry Benson, Robin Lucas, Cindy Niemi, Fred Moisio, Barbara Mead, and Ross Hjelseth could introduce their guests. Renata also introduced herself and reminded us that she’s here for 11 months.  Linda Kaye inquired if anyone had seen Jacob today, but he was not there.  She asked if anyone wanted to take Jacob golfing.  If so contact him through facebook. 
Linda Kaye recognized Maria Harlow (10 years), David Graybill (35 years), and Dick Moe (35 years) for their anniversaries. 
George Pilant took the microphone as our Meeting Sponsor and announced that he and Brandon Hjelseth were joining forces and launching a real estate partnership building on the common goals they share. The look forward to serving our community for any of their real estate needs.  He also gave a shout out to Rusty George who handled all the creative for them. 
Linda Kaye then introduced Brett Thomas to bring us up to speed on The Rotary Foundation.   Board members Linda Kaye Briggs, Mike Dunbar, Carol Duris, Mary McNally and Kirsten Willis as well as officers Brett Thomas, President, Rick Oldenburg, Vice President, Larry Ghilarducci, Secretary and Cynthia Darland, Treasurer.  Larry Treleven moved to accept the slate of candidates and Robin Echtle seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. Brett stressed that members should read the annual summary that was on their table, and if you need a copy, they are always available at meetings.  The trust fund has grown to just over 1.6 million dollars and over 100 members have contributed this year.  You can pledge through Project Greater Good or make a one-time donation. Linda Kaye thanked Brett and stressed to thank all those who are directors, for the work they do.
Sherri Stanton gave an update on the book drive and then Robin Echtle read a cute poem to remind us about the new rules for when we move to the Yacht Club on November 1st.  To make sure that we have the correct number of lunches, Rotarians will need to RSVP for meetings.  There was also a reminder about the  Fall Fireside (not Spring) and then Linda Kaye announced nominations for the officer nominating committee and board nominating committee will open next week. 
Becky Fontaine then came to the podium to introduce Ned Morris, our speaker from ShelterBox for the day. Becky had met Ned via a LinkedIn message and at Rotary International. Ned began his presentation by talking about our definition of “Home”.  Home is so much more than the place you live.  It’s a place for shelter, security, safety, family, and warmth.  It defines our place in our community. When disaster or conflicts strike, they happen with no warning and strike us in our homes. 85 million in the world are displaced right now, more than any other time since World War II.  In 1999, a Rotarian saw a hole in disaster relief and realized no one was focused on shelter.  He went back to his club and made this their millennial project.  Through that, ShelterBox was born.  They put together 16 boxes that were deployed in early 2000.  The project grew in Ireland and the UK, and after the tsunami in 2004 it became partnered with RI and joined the world stage.  That’s when ShelterBox became its own entity.  ShelterBox is Rotary’s arm for disaster relief.  ShelterBox does not get direct funding from Rotary International, it receives funding from donors and from some Rotary clubs. Each ShelterBox weighs 160 pounds.  Inside the box are a tent, mosquito nets, ground mats, fleece blankets, water purification equipment, and children’s activity packs.  When someone, particularly children, have lost everything this gives them something.  Also inside are solar lighting instruments, cooking equipment, and a tool kit. As time passed, ShelterBox went back to where their boxes were deployed to see what was working.  They found that certain items were not being used in certain areas.  Kits are now packed based on the disaster and what is needed in that region.  The UN allows materials to be stored for free in their warehouses across the world. Another alternative is the Shelter Tool Kit.  It includes tarps, ropes, nails, hoes, shovel, and saws.  This allows for a shelter to be built where a tent could not be used. The solar lights are inside ShelterBoxes provide more than light, they also provide safety.  When there is a light source, gender-based violence has dropped drastically. The water purification systems that were used caused some confusion so they went back to the  drawing board and came up with a simpler system.  While the newer system doesn’t provide as long but the old one, it has alleviated any use of contaminated water.  On one filter the new system provides water to a family of five for one month. There are also School Boxes that have packets for 50 students, chalkboard paint, a crank radio, and other supplies to make education available during the disaster. Ned discussed recent deployments for Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  He also shared information about Barbuda where 95% of all structures were destroyed.  To see some shady government dealings look up “Robert DeNiro and Barbuda” for a story of land grabbing.  ShelterBox could not make things happen without Rotary support.  The first stop when hitting the ground is to talk to Rotarians to find out how the local area works. ShelterBoxes also help the local economy become active again.  Workers can stay near their business instead of further away in an encampment. Ned shared that Ethiopia was his toughest deployment.  16 different ethnic groups are almost always in conflict.  This causes people to leave everything to escape the violence that erupts in the area.  In some areas affected there are 40 families living in each classroom of a school.  They can’t dry things out so everything is constantly damp and disease spreads rampantly.  ShelterBox survives with volunteers and donations.  Check the Roatarian magazine for details on how you can be a response team member, or volunteer in other ways. Ned shared that he does have a ShelterBox private wine label available, and proceeds go to help the organization if anyone wants to buy a bottle.  Linda Kaye thanked Ned and presented him with his gift from Hilltop Artists. 
Before dismissal, Linda Kaye asked everyone who was at the meeting last week to stand.  This was the group who saw the amazing Auction announcement video. If you didn’t see it, you had to leave $2.00 on the table.  Linda Kaye thanked all who made the meeting possible and reminded us to all “Reignite our Rotary”.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:57pm. 

A Thought for the Week 



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