Speaker Date Topic
Jacob and Renata Dec 20, 2018
Holiday Program

Be entertained by our talented Rotarians and learn about the celebration of holidays in Norway and Paraguay. 

Resolution Guru Jan 03, 2019
Better New Year’s Resolutions for yourself AND your Rotary Club

Join us for a fun session with an expert who will show us the way to meaningful New Year’s resolutions as individuals, as well as resolutions for how Rotary 8 will serve the community.

Ana Mari Cauce Jan 17, 2019
President, University of Washinton
President, University of Washinton

Ana Mari Cauce, the 33rd president of the University of Washington, will share some of the exciting work happening at the University as well as her vision for the University over the coming years.

As Washington’s largest public research university, the UW’s impact is felt throughout our state and President Cauce will be discussing some of the ways that the UW delivers on its public mission to serve students and families, advance scientific knowledge and discovery, foster economic growth and support innovation.

She will also discuss some of the challenges the UW faces and share how the UW is working to expand access to education and ensure that a public college degree is affordable and achievable for every Washington student. 

Dick Dorsett Jan 24, 2019
Foldscopes in Asia with the Help of Rotary #8

Thanks to support from Rotary #8, Dick Dorsett will share his experiences as he distributed Foldscopes, the fully functional microscope constructed using origami principles, to schools in Laos and Thailand. 

Loretta Cool Feb 07, 2019
Cold Cases: Michella Welch and Jennifer Bastain
Cold Cases: Michella Welch and Jennifer Bastain

Tacoma Police Department Public Information Officer Loretta Cool will give a presentation on the investigations of the Michella Welch and Jennifer Bastian homicides.  The presentation will cover the initial discovery of the crimes, the timeline covering the 30-year investigation and the new techniques used to identify the men believed to have committed the crimes.

Maralise Hood Quan Feb 21, 2019
Civility In Polarized Times
Civility In Polarized Times

 Learn the key tools on how to engage in civil dialog when faced with disagreements and receive information on The Center’s work to make this a reality in our community. 

Maralise, and her husband Julio (former Rotary 8 member), chose to “retire” in Tacoma because 20 years ago Tacoma was internationally known for successful community response to violence. Since 2007, Maralise has brought her academic interests of conflict resolution, international relations, anthropology, and law to her work as the Executive Director of the Center for Dialog & Resolution.  She shares her enthusiasm for lifelong learning and her curiosity about what motivates each of us to help make our community a better place. Her background with Julio at the United Nations University for Peace Conflict Resolution Program and the years of work in violent settings, brings an optimistic approach that encourages us all to be better!

David Mikkelson Feb 28, 2019
Founder and CEO of Snopes.com
Founder and CEO of Snopes.com

Tacoma resident David Mikkelson is the founder and CEO of Snopes.com, the oldest and most respected fact-checking site online. In his visit to Tacoma Rotary Club #8, he will speak about the company he founded and his daily work fighting "fake news." Mikkelson founded the site in 1994 and today the site receives over 20 million unique monthly visitors. He speaks worldwide about combating “fake news” and the rise of the digital age and its impact on investigative journalism and is excited to bring this conversation to his own community. Managing everything from researching and writing articles about urban legends to overseeing the site’s technical infrastructure, David made Snopes.com the go-to place for Internet users to query the veracity of anything questionable they encountered online. www.davidmikkelson.com