Thursday, July 23, 2020
Bill Johnson - Johnson Candy Company
Delicious Sweets Since 1925
Time: July 23, 2020 12:05 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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About Johnson Candy

The deco neon sign atop 924 Martin Luther King Jr. Way reminds Tacoma that some things don’t change.  Right now, the words “Johnson Candy Company,” illuminated in green, pink and yellow at night, proffer the comforting truth — even as, just down the street, hundreds of doctors and nurses, cleaning crews and administrators tackle coronavirus headfirst — that chocolate deserves a place in this world.  Since late March, the shop has been accepting orders over the phone, treats for curbside pickup and packing boxes to be mailed near and far. Some have been shipped just across the bridge to Gig Harbor. Bill Johnson, whose grandfather Russell opened the first iteration as a lunch counter down the street in 1925. The candy shop opened in 1949 in its current building. Learn more this week about this Tacoma treasure.


July 30 
Mayor Victoria Woodards
City Efforts to Address Systemic Racism
August 6
Robin Lucas - ShowCase Media
Good News Stories of COVID Heroes
August 13
Jennifer Kilmer - WA State Historical Society
Centennial of Women's Suffrage 
August 20
County Executive Bruce Dammeier

This week club members will  participate in the annual meeting of the Tacoma Rotary Foundation. Their Board President, Brett Thomas will present the annual slate of directors for approval and review their annual financial report. 

2019-2020 Polio Report
We have received word  that Rotary has in fact reached our goal of $50 million for 2019 – 20.  This means we have succeeded in taking full advantage of the two to one match offered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Our members contribution to this effort is over $12,000!
Also in the good news department, in spite of the world-wide delays in vaccinations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, polio inoculations have resumed in Burkina Faso in West Africa where they vaccinated 174,304 children in a 4 day campaign.
We can be proud of our part in the eradication of this disease.  
The strength or our Rotary Club is Membership and the best way for that to be worked on all the time is Recruitment.  We need a continued focus on attracting new members according to the committee co-chairs, Past President Carol Duris, and Jennifer Weddermann.  The initial target of this committee is to build the number of members helping with this effort.  One of the best experiences as a Rotarian is being part of a Committee.  The Membership Recruitment  committee is seeking additional club members who have a passion about being a Rotarian and a member of Tacoma #8 Rotary, and want to share that passion with other prospective individuals. It could be with a previous visitor to the club, it could be a co-worker who loves community and helping others. If you can help out with this membership recruitment, and join the committee’s once month meetings, please contact either Carol or Jennifer. Special thanks to the following members who have proposed new members who are in the pipeline or who have joined over the last 12 months.  Linda Kaye Briggs, Cindy Niemi, Kathryn Nelson, Maria Harlow, Robin Echtle, Lori Harnick. Missy Zenczak-Candler, Carol Duris, Bryan Flint, Gil Quante, Don Meyer, Ann Voves, Kirsten Willis, Jan Brazzell, Becky Fontaine, Greer Todhunter and  Linn Larsen.
Prepping bags for delivery 
Tacoma Rescue Mission Sack Lunch Project
We continue to have good response and packed 60 bags for delivery on  July 14.  Thanks to sandwich volunteers Kim Bedier, Marsha Burns, Maria Harlow, Sharon Jaffee, Seth Kaplowitz, Kathryn Nelson and Diane Tilstra. Our next date for packing is July 28, we need a few more volunteers. AS of today we are expecting sandwiches from Diane Kelleher, Becky Fontiane and Dorothy Lewis. Let Seth or the office know by July 27 if you are willing to put together 10 meat sandwiches (with no condiments) and deliver them to the office on Monday, July 27 by 4 or Tuesday, July 28 by 11. We will have volunteers to fill the sacks with chips, water, cookies and a piece of fruit. You can also use this tracking sheet to sign up on line. For questions contact Seth Kaplowitz at or call or email the office at 253-473-7723, 
We have a volunteer opportunity this coming weekend July 25th and 26th to Paint Tacoma Beautiful!  Well, one house actually.  Program improvements have been made to stay healthy and take care of ourselves while supporting homeowners in our community led by the Associated Ministries.  John Schneider is leading the preparation and painting efforts with coordination assistance by Diane Kelleher.  Thanks to volunteers who have expressed interest, Zach Entwistle, Sherrri Stanton and Jennifer Wedderman. Please let the office know if you’d like to join them for one or two days – or a partial day - and we’ll send you a volunteer orientation videoes. 
Meeting Moderator-Chris Serface
Reflection-Miriam Barnett
Music & 4 Way Test- 
Storywriter- Miriam Barnett
Meeting Sponsor- Foundation donor
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week
Jackie Lindstrom - Jul 19
Peter Carlstrom - Jul 23
Shanna LaMar - Jul 23
Pat Steel - Jul 23
Mike Bitterling - Jul 24
Anniversaries to Celebrate
Robin Echtle - 13 years
Steve O'Brien - 13 years
Bruce Dammeier - 18 years cumulative
Maureen Fife - 19 years
Becky Fontaine - 28 Years
Deb Robinett - 29 years
Reflections from the July 16 meeting by Debbie Regala
Our Rotary 8 Zoom meeting for July 16 began at 12:15 with Chris Serface providing a brief reminder of Zoom protocols and techniques.  President Kathryn Nelson was presiding.  Stephen Deal inspired us with a reading of ‘Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou followed by Jeremy Simler signing the National Anthem. The meeting was sponsored by John West (a Rotary 8 member for 54 years!)who donated his time to Diane Kelleher, co-chair of the Projects Committee. Diane provided numerous slides of recent community projects performed by Rotary 8 members including  Camp Goodtimes, School Supply Backpacks, Food Backpacks for EFN, Building Bikes for kids, Science Olympiad, meals for the Rescue Mission, meals for Hospital essential workers.  Rotary 8 members are continuing to give to our community in many ways and you, too, can help the Projects Committee with these activities.
Anniversaries included: Alecia Cunningham (1 year), Dean Carrell and Sally Leighton (2 years),  Diane Kelleher (4 years), Cindy Grady (9 years), Donna Haynes and Carol Webster(12 years)and Ray Schuler(34 years)!!!
Larry Treleven introduced our speaker, Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson, with a reminder of the myriad of responsibilities under the auspices of that office.
Julie spoke about the upcoming election cycle and how Washington State and Pierce County manage the very successful Vote-from-Home system which is the back-bone of Washington’s elections. We are one of five states whose elections are entirely conducted via mail ballots. Ballots are sent out 18 days in advance of an election.  If for some reason a ballot is lost or never arrives, it is possible to obtain a replacement.  Julie assured us that there are lots of security measures behind the scenes to ensure accuracy.  Because it is a paper-based system the tally is auditable, it can’t be hacked, and it can easily be reviewed and recounted.  In cases where a ballot may not have been properly filled out the trained workers in the auditor’s office focus on determining voter intent. Ballots are not simply tossed out. The control envelope which must be signed is the key. Only one ballot per registered voter is counted; any duplicates are held. The signatures are compared to the signature on the original voter registration card. If there are questions, the voter will receive a phone call. The lack of a valid signature is the main reason a ballot will not be counted. The Auditor’s office regularly works to keep addresses up to date and to remove names of people who have died from the voter rolls. The Auditor’s office has also worked hard to make returning ballots as easy as possible. Postage is free and drop boxes have been conveniently located throughout the county.
Julie indicated that Congress has been helpful in providing funds to help with election security. And there were some funds made available specifically thru the COVID19 funding.  Pierce County has used those funds to expand it’s processing center work space in order to ensure a safe social distance between workers at the Vote Center. Despite the fact that there is no ‘in person’ voting option in Washington, about 1% of Pierce County voters still want to use a ‘voting machine’ to vote in person and show up at the Auditor’s office on Election Day. There are no ‘voting machines’ in our state so these folks will be disappointed. During this COVID19 pandemic, they will not be permitted to enter the crowded office but will be provided with the same ballot that was previously mailed to them. In order to ensure these people can cast their vote, there will be a new ‘stand up’ drive thru at the election center for the them to utilize.
Julie reminded us that ballots will be mailed this weekend. You should have received a voter’s pamphlet will all the pertinent information. If you need a new one, all the pertinent material is on-line at Pierce County Elections. We were reminded to vote early, that helps avoid a overwhelming crush on election evening.
President Kathryn thanked the sandwich makers for last Tuesday.  She said they were able to provide 60 lunches of 2 sandwiches each.  She also invited members to signup for sandwich making for July 28, August 11 or August 25.  You can use the link in this Gearshift or e-mail Seth Kaplowitz or the Rotary 8 office to let them know you want to join in.
John Schneider, Edward Jones made an announcement about participating in Paint Tacoma Beautiful on Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26.  He needs a few more volunteers.
Kim Bedier , Tacoma Venues and Events announced she would be sending an e-mail about a new ad hoc Committee regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 
President Kathryn invited members to sign up to volunteer manning the Election Ballot return Drop boxes November.  Just let her now you are interested. You will have an opportunity to select a time and location.
 Jackie Flowers was happy to announce that the City Council voted to reconfirm her as Director of Tacoma Public Utilities.
 Donna Haynes confessed that Pilkey-Hopping, Ekberg Insurance has grown with the purchase of Taylor Thomason Insurance.

A thought for the week

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