Thursday, January 25, 2018
VOL. NINETY-FOUR, Issue No. 20
We Are Offsite at the Yacht Club!
Tacoma School Levy Renewal - Education, Operations and Technology

Carla Santorno is the beloved Superintendent of Tacoma Public Schools. Several years ago she moved from Denver to Seattle to take a position as the Chief Academic Officer for Seattle Public Schools. After three years in Seattle, she came to Tacoma to lead Tacoma Public Schools as Superintendent. Carla and her husband have had four children of their own and moved to Tacoma's Brown's Point neighborhood. When Carla moved to Tacoma, the graduation rate at Tacoma Public Schools was 55%. As of 2016, the graduation rate at Tacoma Public Schools has risen to 82.6%. Carla hopes (and is working hard with everyone in the district) to exceed 85% by 2020. Recently Carla was nationally recognized for the incredible successes Tacoma Public Schools have had during her period of leadership and was awarded the 2016 Women in School Leadership Award from the American Association of School Administrators.

Membership Proposal

Unless written objections are submitted to the Board within 10 days of this posting, the following individuals will be invited to membership: 

Tony Belot
METAL RECYCLING - Government Relations
Government & Public Affairs Manager
Schnitzer Steel
Sponsor: Melissa Malott
Sharon Jaffee
REAL ESTATE - Senior Housing
Resident Sales Counselor
Narrows Glen
Sponsor: Peter Norman
Science Olympiad
What an amazing time we had at the Science Olympiad invitational competition at Curtis High School on January 13! We were inspired by the bright, creative and energetic students we saw.  Thanks so much to following members who devoted their time to this great endeavor; Cynthia Darland, Heather Faverman, Diane Kelleher, Roger Lilley, Gil Quante, Sherri Stanton, Michael Thompson and Jim Whitacre.
Our next auction meeting will be held Wednesday, February 7, at the Esplanade Community Room at 1515 Dock Street. We will have a light dinner ready to be served at 5 pm.  Please let us know if you are able to join us.  Bring some cash to help offset the price of food  or a bottle of wine to share.  We will socialize until 6 and then do some focused work from 6-7.  There is a place for every single member of our club to be involved, let us know how you would like to help. Easy options include being a sponsor, donating an item or joining us and bringing friends to the auction on April 28.  Procurement forms are available at the meetings or online. At the first meeting of each month we will have a drawing for a gift card for all members who have turned in a procurement form (one entry for each item!) Jim Henderson was our first winner. Raffle tickets were in hot demand this week and they will be available until close to the auction.  This year we have a 12 day Holland America Cruise.  Please email the office at if you can join us at the auction meeting. 

You will touch the hearts and warm the feet of hundreds of those in need in our community. We collected dozens of socks and raised over to $900 at the meeting on January 18. We will purchase socks (over 300 pair are on the way) and deliver them to Project Homeless Connect allowing them to distribute them during their Point- In -Time count coming up later this week. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! (Remember if you give to Projects through Project Greater Good you also contributed to this effort)
Over the last couple of months we have welcomed 2 new members;  Annie Ramirez and Erik KramerAnnie was introduced by her sponsor, Don Sheppard in December.  She works for the Salvation Army and is a former member of the Corpus Christi Rotary Club. She has strong connections to Rotary and has already joined the Scholarship Committee. Ask her about her experiences!  Erik was introduced by his sponsor, LaTasha Wortham earlier this month. He works for an organization called Listen and Talk and his background is in finance.  He is looking forward to giving back to this community and is a wonderful addition to the club.  Be sure to welcome Annie and Erik to the club the next time you see them.
Tacoma Yacht Club Offsite Meeting
Reservations are closed for the meeting this week.  If you don't see your name below we are not planning to see you for lunch and if you show up we cannot guarantee a meal.  We have had a great response with over 90 members and guests registered!  Jeff Albers, Mark Anderson, Miriam Barnett, Barry Benson, Dan Bogart, Jan Brazzell, Linda Kaye Briggs,  Christa Brothers, Peter Carlstrom, Libby Catalinich, Anthony Chen, Ali Criss, Cynthia Darland, Peter Darling , Stephen Deal, Mike Dunbar, Carol Duris, Jace Dwinell, Robin Echtle, Carolyn Else, Brien Elvins, Joan Engle, Heather Faverman, Bryan Flint, Julie Foley, Becky Fontaine, Rusty George, Cindy Grady, Maria Harlow, Lori Harnick, Jim and Enid Harris, Chuck Heaton, Jim Henderson, Rusty Hersey, Corey Hjalseth, Ross Hjelseth, Richard Jamison, Diane Kelleher, Harrison Laird, Shanna LaMar, Kelly Lane, Roger Lilley, Jeff Lovely, Fred Matthaei, John McMasters, Mary McNally, Barbara Mead, Stacey Ogle, Kathleen and Rick Olson, Mary Lynn Pannen, Cap Pearson, John Pfaff, Arvind Phukan, George Pilant, Annie Ramirez, Charley Rance, Debbie Regala, Michelle Roberts, Doug Rohner, Jeff Rounce, Carlyn Roy, John Schneider, Jan Schwenger, Chris Serface,  Sherri Stanton, Pat Steel, Elliot Stockstad, Barbara Tankersley, Pete Taylor, Michael Thompson, Alex Trettin, Christina Turner, Joy Vivar-Beeks, Jack Warnick, Carol Webster, John West, Carolyn Weyrick, Jim Whitacre, Kathi Willis, Kirsten Willis, Missy Zenczak, Clay Zhang
Members enjoying the Firesides last October


Winter Firesides are coming on January 30!   This is a great way to socialize with a smaller group of Rotarians in the comfort of a members home. If you are willing to host a group please sign up or contact Maria Harlow. Reports from Maria indicate that she has had a good response for guests and hosts at the meetings,  but we are hopeful to have record breaking attendance!  President Mark is working on a topic that is sure to generate a lively conversation. Clear your calendar for Tuesday January 30 and plan on a great time. 

Ali Criss - Stafford Virginia
Evelyn Ryberg - Parkland/Spanaway
Invocation - Rick Olson
National Anthem and 4 Way Test - Elliot Stockstad
Piano - At the Yacht Club
Board Greeter- Roving Mic - Linda Kaye Briggs
Membership Greeter - 
Birthdays - Jim Whitacre
Fine Counter - Carol Duris
Meeting Reporter for Gearshift - Miriam Barnett
Meeting Sponsor -  Michael Thompson/Hunter George
AV Assistance - Jeff Rounce
There are clipboards at every meeting for you to sign up to help out!
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Playing piano
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting

Birthdays to celebrate 
Rusty George - Jan 21
Mike Johnson - Jan 21
Barb Tankersley - Jan 23
Ross Hjelseth - Jan 24
Ann Voves - Jan 24
Christa Brothers - Jan 25
Nick Rajacich - Jan 25
Robin Echtle - Jan 27
Anniversaries to celebrate
Libby Catalinich - 3 years
Amanda Savage - 3 years cumulative 
Shanna LaMar - 4 years cumulative 
Mark Lindquist - 10 years  
Rick Olson - over15 years cumulative 
Jeff Albers - 19 years
Mary Lynn Pannen - 23 years 
Stacey Ogle - 28 years 
George Howe - 32 years 
John West - 52 years 
Enjoying the Social at Indochine!

The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun!
January 25, 2018
El Borracho
2717 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
Primo Grill
2701 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
1924 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA
The Tides Tavern
2925 Harborview Drive
Gig Harbor, WA
The Loose Wheel
6108 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA 

Reflections from the meeting of January 18 from Jeff Rounce
President Mark Anderson convened the January 18th meeting for Rotary Club of Tacoma #8 in the Landmark’s Grand Ballroom, because that is a room in the overall venue that can reliably be heated to comfort levels, then he immediately skipped a gear and invited member Libby Catalinich to lead an unaccompanied version of the national anthem and Rotary’s 4-Way Test. Jeff Albers and Greg Rolsma, circulated around the ballroom floor to introduce a visiting Rotarian from Santa Clara, Calif., and guests of members, including the proprietor of a new wholesale bakery coming the Martin Luther King Jr. Way and former club member Sharon Jaffee, who may be rejoining soon.
Though overlooked from her normal place in the agenda, Robin Echtle next delivered an invocation that was a saga of wet sandwiches in a story of Frog and Toad. Program committee member Debbie Regala introduced the speaker, Shari Storm, author of “Motherhood is the New MBA.” A 16-year veteran executive with a Seattle-based credit union, she now is a very polished and entertaining speaker and writer who translates lessons learned being a parent into challenges that face managers of organizations and companies.
She discounts a “bean counter” advice that, “What gets measured, gets done,” instead insisting that “What is fun gets done.” That realization from a household effort to convince her daughters to do their chores applies equally well in work groups. Storm also shared a web video that demonstrates how human behavior can be changed with applications of fun. Check out “Piano Stairs” on
Following the speaker’s conclusion, member George Pilant, RE Max, aka Mr. Helen McGovern, spoke for a few moments as the day’s meeting sponsor.  Does anyone recall a marketing photo of George from years ago that included a mountain peak and a particular sign?  Ask someone who attended this meeting, if you want the inside story on this.
As President Mark noted club anniversaries for seven members that totaled 195 years – not bad for a club that’s just about 118 years old – Bryan Flint, a last-minute substitute, did an admirable job of recognizing the only member present to celebrate his birthday. Bruce Dammeier, who shares a birthdate with Benjamin Franklin, recalled two of his happiest days: when the postman delivered an acceptance letter from U.S. Naval Academy during his senior year at Curtis High School and then his graduation day from Canoe U. at Annapolis, when he watched the campus disappear in his rear-view mirror and he drove away some four years later.
Auction Chair Carol Duris thanked our auction sponsors and reminded members of the on-going need to secure sponsors for the coming Rotary Auction. Gil Quante of the Projects Committee thanked members who volunteered to spend their Saturday as judges for a high school science competition and also spoke of the pending “Socks Drive” that seeks to provide warm, dry feet for less fortunate members of our community, he invited members present to contribute to the blue buckets if they had not already had the chance to purchase socks.
Maria Harlow made one final invitation to attend the winter firesides on Jan. 30th and there was a reminder of next week’s off-site meeting at Tacoma Yacht Club. In special recognition of his pending relocation out of Tacoma to Arlington, Rick Olson was invited to the podium by President Mark to “ring the bell” as adjournment of the meeting was announced.

Sound Advice for Service Above Self Living, by Past President & Past District Governor Jim Harris

"If you get off to a bad start, don’t worry. It is the finish that counts. "  Unknown


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