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Thursday, May 7, 2020
VOL. NINETY SIX,  Issue 45
Committee Fair
Join us this week to learn about all of the amazing work accomplished by our committees this year.  The efforts undertaken by these groups of talented and dedicated members is what makes our club unique. We are able to do so much more by pooling our efforts.  We hope you will learn more about their work and find ways to use your skills to enhance the service we provide to our local and global communities. 


Information for the meeting this week
If you have not attended a Zoom meeting yet please take advantage of their free training video.  You may decide to use Zoom to stay connected with family and friends during this this time of social distancing!
Thursday meeting
Committee Fair
Time: May 7, 2020 12:10 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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We will also be streaming the video using Facebook Live on our Private Facebook page. 
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Meeting ID: 837 2108 7234
Please only use this phone in number if you do not have computer audio  253 215 8782
May 14 
Eric Johnson 
Port of Tacoma
College Success Foundation provides a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships to inspire underserved, low-income students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life.
You may have heard it said that we may be apart, but we are all together.  Nowhere is this more evident than in our Rotary Club.  Members are generously supporting our goal to contribute $110,000 to the Pierce County Connected Fund and we are almost there! Here is a quote from one of our generous donors. “People are in need. Audrey and I gave because what else can you say, people are hurting, they don’t have a job and can’t pay rent. We gave because people are in need and we just felt that was something we could do and we want to be able help! Let’s keep going!” - John West
We are excited to make this extraordinary gift from our club during this historic time.  Please use this form to make a donation by May 8. 
Thanks to our donors as of Friday May 2
Christian Anderson
Mark Anderson
Ron & Sharon Anderson
Kim Bedier
Barry & Sharon Benson
Dan & Janelle Bogart
Brazzell-Opitz Giving Fund
Linda Kaye Briggs - George Briggs
Jamie Brooks
Marsha Burns
Libby Catalinich
Sharon Chambers-Gordon
Elaine Chan & Andy Van Ornum
Cynthia Darland
Peter & Ann Darling
Stephen Deal & Vivian Kreider
Mike & Liz Dunbar
Carol Duris & Scarlett Springer
Robin Echtle
Financial Insights, Ali Criss, CFP
Bryan Flint & Joy Sage
Jackie Flowers
Becky Fontaine
Jim & Janet Fry
Jeff Gellert
Joe Gordon, Jr & Sandy Gordon
Cindy Rush Grady
Dean Hanks
Mike Hansch
Maria Harlow
Lori Harnick
Jim & Enid Harris
Donna Haynes
Jim Henderson
Rusty & Janet Hersey
Michele Johnson
Diane Kelleher
Karena Kirkendoll
Harrison Laird
Larson Commercial Industrial Realtors
Sally Leighton
Dorothy Lewis
Kathy Martin
Fred & Diane Matthaei
Mary McNally
Monique Nadeau & Joe Schneider
Kathryn J. Nelson
Cindy Niemi
Stacey Ogle
Rick Oldenburg
Mary Lynn & Don Pannen
Cap Pearson
Gil Quante
Carlyn Roy
John Schneider
Ray Schuler
Chris Serface
Sherri Stanton
Pat Steel
Howard Svigals
Pete & Kristine Taylor
Brett Thomas
Diane Tilstra
Greer & Brian Todhunter
Larry & Jane Treleven
Christina Turner
Joy Vivar-Beeks
Jack Warnick
Carol & Chris Webster
Jennifer Wedderman
Jeanne Werner Spaulding
John & Audrey West
Jamie & Sally Will
Kathi Willis
Kirsten Willis
Clay Zhang
We miss you at community service projects, but here are some resources for you to find volunteer opportunities for COVID -19 relief
Let us know what you decide to do and we can share with others who may want to join you (virtually, of course).
NICU Nurses from Multicare
We are in our third week of serving lunches at MultiCare’s Tacoma General Hospital. We are there on Tuesdays with a delivery time of 1PM.
So far we have delivered sandwiches from Happy Belly, Pizza from Salamone’s and this week Pesto Chicken and non-chicken salads from Gallucci’s catering (The Spar). We received a heartfelt thank you from the nurses from the NICU who received the lunches this week. 
We will be sending out the dues statements for 2020-21 in the next couple of weeks and will be using home addresses, as we felt that was the most secure place for everyone at this time.  If you have moved recently please let us know so that we can update your record in our systems. Please email Kathi at or Joy at if you would prefer to have us email you the invoice.  
Spring Fireside with Kelly Lane Last Year

You should have received your assignment If you signed up to attend one of our virtual Firesides on May 5 at 6 PM.  Your host will contact you regarding sign in directions.  If you didn't sign up and want to join a group please reach out to Maria Harlow and she will find a place for you. It is much easier to add members in the final days when your host doesn't have to plan the meal! Special thanks to our hosts for the evening: Christina Turner, Ann Voves and Kim Bedier! 

As you know our District conference had to be cancelled.  The fantastic news they are still offering  the training via ZOOM.  Most of the original classes (and some new ones) are being presented all in one day- May 16. If you haven’t already registered, I hope you will now using this link.  It's a great way to increase your skills and learn more about Rotary. 
Meeting Moderator-Chris Serface
Reflection- Missy Zenczak Candler
National Anthem & 4 Way Test- Barry Benson
Meeting Sponsor - Shanna LaMar
Storywriter- Jim Henderson
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week
Andrew Imholt - May 04
Robin Lucas - May 05
Kathy Martin - May 05
Sally Glover - May 06
Charley Rance - May 06
David Setford - May 06
Kathi Willis - May 06
Anniversaries to Celebrate
Jonathan Murray - 5 years
Rusty George - 18 years 
Reflections from the 4/30 meeting by Miriam Barnett
The Zoom meeting started at 12:10 pm. Meeting moderator Chris Serface reminded everyone how the meeting would work and then Past President Mike Dunbar welcomed everyone.  Dean Carrell from the Pierce County Library Foundation provided an inspiring invocation followed by Jan Brazzell singing a beautiful rendition of America the Beautiful and sharing the 4-Way Test.
Past President Mike Dunbar introduced President Elect Kathryn Nelson as our meeting sponsor. Kathryn asked Rotarians to consider volunteering to become a child advocate for the Pierce County Court System. 
85 years of accumulated anniversaries were celebrated including 1 year for Jeremy Simler, 4 years for Melissa Malott, 11 years for John McMasters and Charley Rance, 13 years for Bryan Flint and 45 years for Gordon Pickering.  Congratulations to all of you!
Carol Webster introduced fellow Rotarian and our guest speaker Lisa Mansfield. Lisa is a parent attorney and helps parents in Dependency proceedings reunify with their children. She has been involved in Baby Court since its inception in 2016.
Lisa, along with co-worker Sally Mednansky (who has been a juvenile court employee for 29 years) and Julie Hoffman who works for Amara presented about Baby Court. Sally had technical difficulties with her sound so Julie covered her slides. Baby Court helps reunify parents with their children.  From 0-3 years old, babies cannot handle trauma and being in traumatic conditions can affect how their brains develop the rest of their lives.  Dependency cases can last 17-24 months.  The court hears 10 cases per morning. In 2019, 220 cases were heard in Pierce County.
Judge John Hickman started Baby Court. The goal is to work upstream instead of dealing with the impacts of trauma downstream when the baby grows up. It is a strength based approach that uses relationship building as a core competency. Since 2016, the court has reunified 49 children. Baby Court has been so successful that it has won numerous awards and is seeking to expand statewide and nationally. The program is innovative and life-changing for the families it serves and the babies that can grow up in healthy nurturing homes as a result of the work done by the court system.
Following the presentation, a short video with Stacey Ogle and Christina Turner was shared about the COVID-19 fundraiser to contribute $110,000 to the Pierce County Connected Fund. This was followed by two true confessions. Chris Serface thanked Timberland Bank and Carol Duris for their help securing a PPP loan for the Tacoma Little Theater. Jeff Lovely spent the winter in Arizona including a month with the Hosea’s.
A virtual fireside will be held on May 5 hosted on various online platforms. Contact Maria Harlow to attend.
Next week’s meeting will feature May birthdays and our members will share the great work that their committees have done.
We zoomed off the call after being encouraged to be “People of Action.”

A thought for the week

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