Thursday, May 17, 2018
VOL. NINETY-FOUR, Issue No. 46
An Unforeseen Tragedy of the Commons - Our
Resident Killer Whale Decline & What We Can Do

Ken Balcomb obtained his Bachelor's degree in Zoology in 1963 from UC Davis and soon after was employed by the US government as Field Biologist GS5-7, first in Eastern Pacific large whale research and later in Central Pacific marine bird research. During the Vietnam era, he was a commissioned US Navy pilot and oceanographic specialist. He then did his graduate studies in marine biology at UC Santa Cruz with Dr. Ken Norris, the world-famous marine mammal scientist. While a graduate student, Ken conducted Humpback whale research in the North Atlantic with colleague Dr. Steve Katona and taught marine biology aboard r/v Regina Maris for Dr. George Nichols of ORES and Harvard University. Ken is a pioneer in photo-identification of cetaceans and is the founder of Orca Survey (1976), a study of Pacific Northwest Southern Resident killer whales (SRKW or simply “orcas"). He founded the non-profit Center for Whale Research in 1985 and is its Executive Director and NOAA Fisheries contract Principal Investigator for Orca Survey, a long term study of killer whales in the Pacific Northwest. Ken is a Charter Member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy and has authored or co-authored dozens of scientific publications; and, his work has been featured in books and television documentarie

Jim Waddell is a Civil Engineer who is retired from a 35 year public service career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  For over twenty years of that career he has been a leader in developing the policies and practice of Sustainable Development within the Federal family.  He also served with the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation.  His work with the NSF and then as the Senior Policy Analyst for the Environment in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy was largely focused on climate change policy, budgets and research integration.  He was the first in the Federal Government to identify and integrate all the global warming research programs allowing scientific information to better inform National and International policies. Over the last 10 years working primarily with EPA's Brownfield's Program he developed the visioning process that is known as Multi-Vision Integration/Vision to Action.  The process is a decidedly different approach to vision and public involvement found in public and private development agencies.  To date the process has been utilized in over 55 workshops in 45 plus communities and numerous leadership courses.  The MVI process is nationally recognized as a highly effective approach to sustainable community revitalization. 

Membership Proposal
Unless written objections are submitted to the Board within 10 days of this posting, the following individual will be invited to membership: 
Jennifer Weddermann
Owner Architect
Weddermann Architecture
Sponsor: Maria Harlow and Gil Quante
Members enjoying a Winter Fireside


It's that time again to gather together in the home of a member to enjoy conversation and fellowship. We are so fortunate to have wonderful Rotarians who open their homes and dozens of us who sign up to get to know one another in a warm and comfortable environment. Sign up sheets will be on the tables this Thursday, but we have a quick turn around, because the date is fast approaching.  If you are willing to be a host and won't be at the meeting please let the office know or email Maria Harlow, the Queen of Firesides.  President Mark is working on a stimulating discussion topic. 

Workers last week starting the project to sticker 12,000 books. Watch for a future opportunity to volunteer!
Mark Your Calendars
EFN Repacks will be held July 28 and August 25 from Noon-2; Camp Goodtimes will be July 19, also that day we need volunteers for the Judson Family Justice Center Barbecue.  There will also be a number of volunteer opportunities at First Tee events in the next few months.  
Fred Moisio - Tacoma North
Pete Taylor - San Francisco #2
Invocation - Diane Tilstra
National Anthem and 4 Way Test -  Libby Catalinich
Piano - On the Rooftop
Board Greeter- Roving Mic - Harrison Laird
Greeter - Roving Mic - Geoff Oakley
Birthdays - Maria Harlow
Fine Counter - Cynthia Darland
Meeting Reporter for Gearshift -  Kirsten Willis
Meeting Sponsor -   Joan Engle
AV Assistance - Jeff Rounce 
There are clipboards at every meeting for you to sign up to help out!
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Playing piano
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
Birthdays to Celebrate 
Barbara Mead - May 13
Chris Serface - May 13
Jake Fey - May 17
George Howe - May 17
Anniversaries to Celebrate 
Chuck Heaton - 4 years - May 15 
Edwin Hill - 22 years 11 - May 16
Steve Bader - 34 years - May 17
LaTasha Wortham - 7 years  cumulative May 18
Jeff Lyon – 35 years May 19 
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
May 17, 2018
Narrows Plaza Bowling – meet in the bar
Tell them thanks for their auction donation!!
2200 Mildred Street West
Tacoma, WA
Great food, not your normal bowling alley food
May 24, 2018
The Fish Peddler
1199 Dock Street
Tacoma, WA
May 31, 2018
Uncle Thurms
3709 S G Street
Tacoma, WA
June 7, 2018
714 S 27th Street
Light Hors D'oeuvres Beer and wine served
or 253-573-6617
June 14, 2018
Cooks Tavern
3201 N 26th Street
Tacoma, WA
June 21, 2018
Primo Grill
2701 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
June 28, 2018
Galleyside !!
July 5, 2018
Happy 4th of July no social !
July 12, 2018
Boathouse 19
9001 S 19th Street
Tacoma, WA
July 19th, 2018
Camp Goodtimes celebration!
Anthony’s Point Defiance
5910 N Waterfront Drive
Tacoma, WA
Reflections from the meeting of May 10 from Michael Thompson
We were up in the Landmark’s Rooftop Garden Room again on a beautiful May 10, 2018, to honor Ann Voves as Rotarian of the Year. 
Jim Whitacre shared that our Projects Committee started a peanut butter drive and went from thinking about price per case to price per pallet. In the end, the club collected nearly 6,000 jars.  Don Sheppard talked about the many ways The Salvation Army mobilizes support for our community. He revealed that thanks to some serious relationship-building during a recent bell-ringing campaign, the Salvation Army received a donation of $20,000 from an individual.  Becky Felak talked about the good work of Camp Goodtimes, which gives memorable experiences to young people affected by pediatric cancer.  Carolyn Weyrick told us how Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children gives dental care to Puget Sound children in need.
It’s no mistake if you think you haven’t read much about Ann yet. And yet you have. All of these are good causes she supports; Carolyn said that’s where our newest ROY wanted the day’s focus to be. That said, the speakers couldn’t help themselves. Ann was the one who challenged us to think in terms of pallets, not cases. She traveled to India to support PolioPlus. She organized a build day for Habitat for Humanity. She is a past chair of the Auction Committee and has frequently donated many items. She has been deeply involved in bell-ringing and other Salvation Army benefits.  Jim offered a quote familiar to many Rotarians: “It’s amazing how much you can achieve when nobody cares who gets the credit.”
Ann recalled the inspiration she has found in Rotary #8 during her 19 years as a member.  “I am truly blessed to have had so many mentors in my life,” she said.  Ann urged members of Rotary #8 to ask themselves why they are members of this club, and she pledged to continue her involvement in the community. When President Mark Anderson presented Ann with a Paul Harris fellowship, she instead chose to present it to Jon Gamble for the support he provides to her.
Other highlights from the meeting:
President Mark Anderson rang the bell, and Pat Steel reminded Rotary #8 of the rule in effect whenever he is at the lectern: Only ONE person speaks. Pat gave an invocation and led us in the national anthem and the Four-Way Test. A card went around for the family of Nancy Davis, who recently passed away.
With the help of Harrison Laird and Sharon Jaffee, we welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests.
Before Gil Quante began the birthday celebration, he referenced Mark’s comments that ROYs are selected by past presidents of the club. “I’ve hassled 18 years of presidents,” he said. “I don’t think I’m going to make that Rotarian of the Year award, because they vote on it.”  Gil asked the birthday people what cartoon characters they related to, and why. See if you can match the Rotarian to the character:
Rotarians: Joan Engle, Jeremy Fogelquist, John McMasters, John Bailey, Charley Rance, Dick Moe, Kathryn Nelson, Kathi Willis
Characters: a. Homer Simpson, b. Elmer Fudd, c. “Wolfie” from 1943’s “Red Hot Riding Hood,” d. Kanga, the “overdoting” mother from “Winnie the Pooh,” e. Dagwood (“Whenever I read him, it made me feel even more capable.”), f. Tweety (“small but mighty”), g. Eric Cartman from “South Park,” h. Cathy
The answer key is at the bottom of this section.
Carol Duris gave some preliminary numbers about this year’s auction. At more than $250,000 raised for the event and about $140,000 net for the club, it appears to have been the most successful auction yet. Rotarians have two more opportunities to contribute: Fill out a pledge form for Raise the Paddle to benefit Habitat for Humanity – or fill out a yellow fine form if you couldn’t attend this year.
Kirsten Willis presented Paul Harris Awards. Honorees were Tim Daly, Kirk Hull, Rob Novasky, Debbie Regala, Mark Starnes, Scott Sutherland and Brett Thomas.  Kirsten talked about the billions of dollars invested in life-changing projects by Rotary International. “They are literally saving lives,” she said as she gestured to Mark and Brett, the two Rotarians present to receive their awards.
President Mark shared that the club has won recognition for its literacy efforts, including the 2017-2018 Governors Literacy Award for donating 13,624 books to local reading programs.
A paid announcement about a 15-hour bird-a-thon fundraiser for Tahoma Audubon Society featured a slide of one of our exchange students, Mikulas Rimanek from Czech Republic, with the words “Support Your Local Birder. How many species of birds will Mikulas see?”  “15 hours! ... Is that time scheduled out for you, or are you just going to wing it?” Mark asked, to a rousing chorus of groans.
Adding to the humor was the $2 fine for those who did not attend the district conference last week.
Elliot Stockstad offered a big thank-you to the club for supporting Habitat for Humanity with this year’s Raise the Paddle. Ann, who had missed the auction(!) and understood Raise the Paddle fell a bit short, announced that she and Jon were giving an additional $10,000 to support the Raise the Paddle. 
And that is how our Rotarian of the Year meeting day concluded.
Answers: Joan: d; Jeremy: c; John McM: b; John B: g; Charley: a; Dick: e; Kathryn: h; Kathi: f


Sound Advice for Service Above Self Living, by Past President  Jim Henderson

It always seems impossible until it's done.  Nelson Mandela


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