Thursday, January 11, 2018
VOL. NINETY-FOUR, Issue No. 28
 Status of Mental Health in Pierce County
Peter Ansara came to Tacoma in 1999 as Tacoma Housing Authority’s Executive Director, he then served for seven years as the Executive Director of the Korean Women's Association before joining the management team at Pierce County. 
He earned a Master of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Columbia College.
He entered the United States Air Force the day after high school graduation and served a twenty-five year military career. He rose from enlisted ranks to officer. He retired in 2002 as a Medical Services Corp Officer from a medical air evacuation unit, at McChord AFB. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Just Cause, and Iraqi Freedom. He is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.
He was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, is married to Cheryl and has four grown children and three grandchildren. He resides in Northeast Tacoma.
Paul Harris Awardee's in October
At the meeting on January 11, we will be handing out more Paul Harris Fellowships.  Be sure to wear your Paul Harris pin to celebrate all of the Paul Harris Fellows in our club. 
Science Olympiad
We will be co-sponsoring a Science Olympiad invitational competition at Curtis High School this Saturday, January 13. We have an opportunity for 20 members (family or friends) who would like to assist with the judging and supervision of events at the competition. We have been assigned the Building events which include: Electric Vehicle, Helicopters, Towers, Wind Power, Hovercraft, Robot Arm and Leaf Challenge (design, build, and test a tethered electric aircraft that carries as heavy a load as possible). Training and instruction will be provided for all of these events. Contact Gil Quante at or Jim Whitacre at for more information. The following members have signed up to help: Ali Criss, Diane Kelleher, Gil Quante, Sherri Stanton and Jim Whitacre.
Our next auction meeting will be held this Wednesday, January 10, at the Esplanade Community Room at 1515 Dock Street. We will have a light dinner ready to be served at 5 pm.  Please let us know if you are able to join us.  Bring some cash to help offset the price of food  or a bottle of wine to share.  We will socialize until 6 and then do some focused work from 6-7.  There is a place for every single member of our club to be involved, let us know how you would like to help. Easy options include being a sponsor, donating an item or joining us and bringing friends to the auction on April 28.  Procurement forms are available at the meetings or online. At the first meeting of each month we will have a drawing for a gift card for all members who have turned in a procurement form (one entry for each item!) Jim Henderson was our first winner. Raffle tickets will be available at the meetings starting January 11. This year we have a 12 day Holland America Cruise.  Please email the office at if you can join us this week.

It's that time of year again when we are doing our best to serve the needs in our community.  During this cold weather it is particularly important that we replenish the need for warms socks at some of our local non-profits.  We are focused on getting adult socks, but can also use some for children.  Please bring your socks to the meetings on January 11 and 18th. It will warm your heart to warm the feet of those in need. 
Tacoma Yacht Club Offsite Meeting
Make your reservation today to hold your spot at our next offsite meeting on January 25, at the Tacoma Yacht Club, 5401 Yacht Club Rd. Lunch will be $21.50 per person, and you are welcome to invite guests.   Cancellations must be made by noon, January 19 to avoid being charged.  We had a great response at the meeting on Thursday and have over 40 members and guests signed up.  We will have sign up sheets on the tables that will include the list of reservations to date. If you won't be at the next couple of meetings please email the office at to reserve a place.  
Members enjoying the Firesides last October


Winter Firesides are coming on January 30!   This is a great way to socialize with a smaller group of Rotarians in the comfort of a members home. If you are willing to host a group please sign up or contact Maria Harlow. Reports from Maria indicate that she had a good response for guests and hosts at the meeting on Thursday, but we are hopeful you will sign up at our meetings the rest of the month!  President Mark is working on a topic that is sure to generate a lively conversation. Clear your calendar for Tuesday January 30 and plan on a great time. 

As you have may have  heard at the meeting last week, Kathleen and Rick Olson have had an offer on their home and are working to ready their new house in Arlington for their move. We will miss this dynamic duo and all they have given to this club. We will feel a void for sure. Our immediate need is developing a plan for the management of the audio/visual needs at the meetings without the technical ability of the Fixit Wizard. We are working with the Landmark staff to train us on the equipment, but would greatly appreciate having a cadre of volunteers who could help us with the microphones, sound board and slide shows on a regular basis. Special thanks to Past President Jeff Rounce and Maria Harlow who have said they are willing to help. If you would be willing join them and to be scheduled once a month to manage those activities please let Kathi or Joy know.  
Fred Moisio - Clover Park
Invocation - Daryl Hembry
National Anthem and 4 Way Test - Pat Steel
Piano - Barbara Mead
Board Greeter- Roving Mic - Bryan Flint
Membership Greeter - Greg Rolsma
Birthdays - Don Doman
Fine Counter - Cynthia Darland
Meeting Reporter for Gearshift - Kim Bedier
Meeting Sponsor -  Peter Darling and Carol Webster 

There are clipboards at every meeting for you to sign up to help out!
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Invocation
--Playing piano
--Mentoring a Pandaka
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Writing the Gearshift Meeting Notes

Birthdays to celebrate 
Deb Robinett - Jan 08
Bob Fredrickson - Jan 11
Don Hansen - Jan 11
Anniversaries to celebrate
Barbara Tankersley - 2 years
Christa Brothers - 4 years
Michelle Roberts - 15 years
Steve Smith - 22 years
Andy Laycock - 34 years 
Enjoying the Social at Indochine!

The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun!
January 11, 2018
Ted Brown Music
6228 Tacoma Mall Blvd
Tacoma, WA
Gather at 5:00 for beer, wine and light snacks
Drum circle starts at 6:00 kids are welcome!
January 18, 2018
Terry's Office Tavern
3410 N Proctor
Tacoma, WA 

Reflections from the meeting of January 4 from Jim Henderson
President Mark Anderson called the January 4 meeting of the Rotary Club of Tacoma #8 to order, in the Temple Theatre, by ringing the bell at 12:06 pm and welcoming all.  This was the first meeting of 2018 and first of the second half of President Mark’s year as Club President.  The invocation was given by Stephen Deal, United Way of Pierce County, who said he is thankful for what each member of the club does in the community and recited some resolutions for the New Year. Jan Brazzell, Advancement Consulting, led us in the national anthem accompanied on the piano by Barbara Mead, Moss Adams. Jan also led us in the Four Way test.  Today’s meeting was sponsored by Don Sheppard, The Salvation Army.  Don quickly told us he was thankful for the work of Tacoma #8 Rotarians at the Christmas Bell Ringing, which raised over $1,370. Overall, Red Kettles in the community raised over $370,000 this year.
Marsha Burns, Wells Fargo and Maria Harlow from the Names Foundation took the mics around to visiting Rotarians and those with guests.  President Mark then called upon LaTasha Wortham to introduce our newest member – Erik Kramer, Director of Operations and Finance for Listen & Talk.  Erik went to college at Pacific Lutheran and while in college worked for the Boys & Girls Club.  As LaTasha told us, Erik says he has a big heart for service and wanted to get more involved in the Tacoma community through joining Tacoma #8.  Mark presented Erik with his Rotary pin and name badge, and a sponsor pin to LaTasha, and hinted at a pin check, but did not do it.
Today’s program highlighted the Membership process for the club and it brought forth Co-chairs Greg Rolsma and Harrison Laird who talked about changes to the committee structure. Greg told us that Rotarians attend meetings, and they help out at meetings, select speakers, and help with the auction. Members also write checks for dues, our club’s foundation and Rotary International Foundation, Project Greater Good, and for appeals from the Projects Committee like the giving tree.  He urged us to share Rotary by sponsoring a member. Jeff Albers, co-chair of the Classification Committee then talked about what that committee does as part of the membership process.  That committee reviews member proposals, validates the candidate and does recommendation to the board and directs the notification in the Gearshift.  He stressed the importance of a member putting down references when they propose a new member.  The committee does much of their work by e-mail now. In an effort to streamline the process, as soon as the Classification Committee recommends the prospective member for approval they will be listed in the Gearshift and sent to the board simultaneously. Harrison Laird then explained how the current Membership Committee is now made up of recruitment, orientation, Pandaka, and engagement/retention.  He will be leading the recruitment activities going forward because these have dropped off over the years. Malcolm Russell then told us about his role with the Pandaka Committee.  He asked for new members to join him as they focus on reviewing check lists for Pandaka’s, assigning mentors and evaluating the idea of changing the name from Pandaka to something more meaningful.  Maria Harlow will head up Engagement.  She told us it is about the Rotary experience, fellowship, participation in the club and service in the community.  New members can participate in a service project, attend the weekly meetings and meet new members, and meet with their mentor.  Work is busy for everyone and time is limited.  She said we want a club that is meaningful to members.  She also talked about recruitment.  We need to have an ongoing membership drive, targeted recruitment, and follow up with guests and speakers as possible members. All members are needed to help out. They asked each table to do some brainstorming about potential new members, jot the names down and hand them in. 
President Mark recognized members with Service Anniversaries: Bill Baarsma – 16 years, Tim Daly – 24 years cumulative, Lee Gingrich – 22 years, and Arvind Phukan – 28 years.  Coming forward to help celebrate birthdays was Kirsten Willis.  In attendance were Carol Duris and Diane Kelleher.   Also celebrating this week but not at the meeting was Mike Shields.
President Mark then called forward Auction chair (and President Elect Nominee) Carol Duris who asked members to fill out auction procurement forms and said that everyone who turned in a form would be entered in a drawing. She said that there would be a drawing the first week of every month that will include anyone who has turned in a form. Next week raffle tickets will begin to be sold. She reminded members of the next Auction Committee Meeting on January 10 at the Esplanade.  Maria Harlow said winter firesides would be held on January 30  and asked for hosts to sign up.  Gil Quante from the Projects Committee said there will be a sock drive at the January 11 and January 18 meeting and there was a specific need for adult socks,  and he promoted the January 13 Science Olympiad where volunteers are still needed.
True Confessions brought forth Rick Olson who said he made up at the Arlington (WA) Rotary Club who referred to him as being from their Grandfather’s Rotary Club as Tacoma #8 helped charter Everett Rotary who chartered the Arlington Club.  Jim Fry is recovering from his second knee replacement surgery and is soon heading back down south to get warm.  Past President Ray Schuler said he spent Christmas in Wisconsin where it was both cold and a White Christmas.
President Mark then asked members to volunteer to help do the sound and slides every week, and think about attending the upcoming District Conference in Tacoma. He also asked members to use the sign up sheets at the table for the next offsite meeting which will be held at Tacoma Yacht Club on January 25.  Past President Jim Henderson was the winner of a gift card for turning in an auction procurement form.
President Mark welcomed Erik to the Club, and thanked Don Sheppard for being the meeting sponsor.  Tonight’s social will be at the Spar, and that we will award some Paul Harris Fellows at the next meeting, and that next week’s meeting speaker will be Carol Mitchell, Director of Justice Services for Pierce County. 
President Mark reminded us to go out and Live Rotary! as he adjourned the meeting at 12:55 pm.

Sound Advice for Service Above Self Living, by Past and Past District Governor Jim Harris

"One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” — Albert Schweitzer


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Staus of Mental Health in Pierce County
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