Thursday, July 04, 2019
No meeting July 4
July 11
Thursdays at 5
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July 18
John Gaines - It Matters
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July 25
Dr. Frank Senecal - Cancer Research and Treatment
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Thursdays at 5 at Timberland Bank
It’s official, we are entering a new year of Rotary and continuing our amazing Thursday at 5, kicking it off at Timberland Bank on July 11th!  As your new President I am excited to host our first event of the year and hope to see you here.  These gatherings have been such a wonderful addition to our lunch meetings, allowing us the opportunity to learn more about the businesses who host us, as well as having plenty of time to network with other members.
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Here are the details:
HOST:            Carol Duris and Timberland Bank
WHEN:           July 11th 5-7pm
WHERE:        7805 S. Hosmer, Tacoma WA 98408
Contact:         206.719.5368 (Carol’s cell if you have questions!)
PARKING:     Easy-breezy, we have tons!!! 
FOOD/ETC: Food and refreshments (non-alcoholic beverages) will be provided!  We will also have some fun games and prizes to entertain!
We are a locally based Community Bank who focuses on commercial and mortgage lending and still has the personal touch to assist in building your dreams!  We can’t wait to host you, please join me next Thursday!
One of the changes to the By-Laws allows the club the opportunity to elect a Vice-President as part of our succession planning. President Linda Kaye has called the current Officer Nominating Committee together to vet candidates who are interested in moving into the role of President 2021-22.  Part of the urgency in electing the candidate now is that they will be able to join President-Elect Kathryn Nelson at the Large Club conference in Chattanooga in October. Please contact President Linda Kaye if you are interested in serving. 
This major revision to our Bylaws began with an ad hoc committee that was formed for the initial purpose of addressing outdated attendance requirements.  The work of this committee spawned a broader effort to update all of our By-Laws to make them more usable and consistent with our Club Constitution and the current requirements of Rotary International.  Following detailed review and, in some cases, rewrite by the Executive Committee, the proposed By-Laws were then sent to all Members for their input.  After incorporating suggestions from the Members, the Board voted to approve presentation of the proposed By-Laws to the general membership for a formal vote. 
For his leadership in initiating and following through with this process, we sincerely thank Greg Rolsma as Chairman of the ad hoc committee, along with its members: Kirsten Willis, Jeff Albers, Jim Henderson, Jeff Rounce, Maria Harlow, Stephen Deal, Charley Rance, Cindy Niemi and Mark Anderson
Welcome to our June  Members - 
Our last two members of the year were introduced on June 27 by Ross Hjelseth. Tyler Sollie is the Lead Pastor at Life Christian and is a Tacoma native.  Gus Martin is the new Headmaster at Life Christian Academy and he comes to Tacoma from Austrailia.  Be sure welcome  them when you see them at a meeting!
June 6 and June 20 -  3 new members
Phil Carter, from the YWCA was introduced by his sponsor Carol Webster.  Phil is a Tacoma native and has been at the YMCA for many years and is well known by many of our members. 
Molly Peterson, from Ben Bridge Jewelers, was introduced by Bob Swanson. Molly is also a Tacoma native and although not as many of us know Molly, it's evident she will be an active member. 
Monique Valenzuela Trudnowski, from the Tacoma Youth Marine Foundation was introduced by her sponsor Mike Dunbar.  Monique  is a native of El Paso, Texas, but has been in the community for a number of years and has been active in many ways.  We look forward to her participation with the club.
Please welcome these great new members next time you see them!
Gabriel Bringman - Sweden
Nicolas Galy - France
We have two young men who will be joining us this year and will need 6 hosts families.  We are looking for their first host families who will be welcoming them in August. 
Gabriel has and older brother and sister who are off studying so he has experienced being an "only child" for a short time. He says that one of his strong characteristics is that he is friendly. He is an active teenager who enjoys playing soccer, kickboxing and skiing.  He has been golfing for the last couple of years and enjoys that game as well.  For the last two years he has coached floorball.  He has traveled to Africa, Asia and North American and extensively in Europe. 
Nicolas has three older siblings and a younger brother. He loves music and plays the piano.  He is involved in Student Government and has been his class representative three times.  He has played tennis for 2 years and golf for 5 years. He has traveled to Canada, Thailand and Italy with his family and is looking forward to his exchange year to fully engage in a new culture. 
Please think about how being a host parent will bring you new joys and experiences.  Here are 10 reasons to be a host parent!
  1. You can learn that country’s may be different (culture, food, art, politics), but we are also not that different (want peace, family issues are the same, people vacation and go to work like we do).
  2. Teenagers keep you young and you tend to go places and do things you wouldn’t normally. 
  3. You get to know/see your city and state because you want to ensure they see it too. Great excuse!
  4. Hosting provides an invaluable international/cultural experience for your children without leaving home.  
  5. Creates a lifetime friendship around the world, which inspires a never ending worldly perspective. 
  6. The world gets a little smaller and better. We love our International kids!  
  7. Your entire family has a mutually beneficial education experience. 
  8. Your eyes are open to what the younger generation is thinking.  We were able to have tremendously insightful discussions with our student on the different views regarding culture, society, government, world history and even politics.
  9. You have the chance to learn or practice a foreign language.
  10.  You create a lifetime of memories, with someone who will always be in your heart.  
Mandatory Fun Night- Rotary At the Rainiers
Diane Kelleher, Christina Turner & Mark Anderson
Can you find the Rotary 8 members? 
It's that time again to join with Rotary Clubs in District 5020 to tailgate and enjoy a Rainiers Game.  The game this year will be August 15.   The evening starts with tailgating in the parking lot at 5:15 followed by the game at 7:05. For $18.00 you will receive a reserved seat ticket and enjoy a great tailgate party with lots of food both outside and inside the park. For $10 you can tailgate only! Reservations are due by July 12. You can use this link to make a reservation.  Please let me know in comments how many tickets you need. There will also be sign up sheets at the meeting, and President Carol Duris already has 48 members signed up! 
There is always an opportunity to get involved in a Rotary Project. Below are a list of dates and activities from your Project Committee. For more information you can contact the Projects Committee Co-Chairs Diane Kelleher or Gil Quante, or the Project lead as noted below. 
July 18 - Camp Goodtimes Ann Voves
July 19 - Justice Family Barbecue (need grillmasters) Jim Whitacre
August 22 - Community in Schools stuff the backpacks at Rotary! John Douville
August 24 - Courage in Leavenworth Carolyn Weyrick
Date pending for a St. Vincent dePaul Saturday Sort

 Ann Voves has done a great job of recruiting volunteers for the July 18 project and we only need a couple more folks.  The following are members who are on the list to help. Please let us know if your plans have changed.  Marsha Burns, Libby Catalinich, Cynthia Darland, Mike Dunbar, Heather Faverman, Julie Foley, Maria Harlow,Donna Haynes, Andrew Imholt, Sharon Jaffee, Diane Kelleher, Kelly Lane, Jackie Lindstrom, Monique Nadeau, Stacey Ogle, George Pilant, Gil Quante, Carlyn Roy, John Schneider, Pat Steel, Alex Trettin, Amanda Weidman, Carolyn Weyrick and Jim Whitacre.  Thanks too for those folks who have invited friends and family to join them.   


Thanks to the 60 members and Captains who are joined us at Galleyside. The weather was nice (mostly) the boating wonderful and the fellowship fantastic.  Save the date for next year!! 
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week
Victoria Woodards - Jul 06
Anniversaries to Celebrate
Betty Capestany - 27 years cumulative
Jackie Flowers - 10 years cumulative
Sue Dreier - 7 years cumulative
Larry Treleven - Bend
Becky Fontaine - Everett
Social at The Table May 16
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
July 4
No Social
July 11 
Thursday at 5 
Timberland Bank
July 18th
5910 N Waterfront Drive
Celebrate with the volunteers of Camp Good Times
July 25th
1022 S J Street
Creative cocktails
Reflections from the meeting of June 27 by Libby Catalinich aka Linda Kaye
For the last time in her Rotary year, President Linda Kaye Briggs rang the bell and called the meeting to order. The meeting began with thanks to Sandi Wollum of the Seabury School for sponsoring today’s meeting. Stacey Ogle, Cole Graphic Solutions provided a beautiful invocation.  Chris Serface, Tacoma Little Theater, led us in an upbeat, rousing version of the National Anthem and followed by the Four Way Test, he was accompanied by our talented Steve Smith on piano.  Carol Webster, community volunteer extraordinaire, and Greg Rolsma brought mics to our guests – including many who made a special point of attending President Linda Kaye’s last meeting. President Linda Kaye introduced Sandi Wollum from the Seabury School, who provided information about the school, its mission and its students.
Club anniversaries were acknowledged: Jennifer Wedderman – 3 years cumulative, Julie Foley – 4 years, Jeremy Fogelquist – 5 years, Christian Anderson – 6 years, Jim Boardman – 7 years, Jace Dwinell – 7 years
President Linda Kaye called on Ross Hjelseth to introduce our newest members from Life Christian School: Gus Martin and Tyler Sollie.
Carolyn Weyrick provided announcements.  She discussed opportunities to be involved in this year’s Courage cycling event.  In addition, she reminded members to sign up to be a volunteer at Camp Goodtimes for children dealing with cancer.  Members are also encouraged to sign up for the annual Rotary night at the Tacoma Rainiers.
President Linda Kaye officially completed her year with a look back at the many accomplishments of our membership over the last 12 months.  In addition to member growth and successful projects, the club moved its headquarters office and relocated Thursday luncheon meetings to the Tacoma Yacht Club – which elicited a hearty round of applause!  President Linda Kaye highlighted the House That Rotary Built for Habitat for Humanity and the Presidential Citation with Distinction earned by the club this year.
After a well-deserved standing ovation and enthusiastic thanks for a job well done, Linda Kaye called President Elect Carol Duris forward to receive the official Club President pin.  The pin ceremony then included President Carol providing Immediate Past President Linda Kaye Briggs with the Past President pin and President Elect Kathryn Nelson with the President Elect pin.
President Carol warmly thanked Past President Linda Kaye for her remarkable year and presented her with a gift from the club. President Carol turned the program over to Chris Serface and the Rotary Players for a one-time performance of “It’s a Linda-ful Life,” a behind-the-scenes look at club members auditioning to play Linda Kaye in the movie telling her amazing life story.  A medley of Motown songs – a favorite of Past President Linda Kaye – were rewritten to honor the outgoing president.  The program finished with a sing-a-long of “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Redhead” as a bevy of past presidents wheeled Linda Kaye out of the Yacht Club!
President Carol closed the meeting with thanks to our meeting sponsor, Sandi Wollum of the Seabury School, and a reminder that dues must be paid to RI on July 1. 
The unofficial meeting continued at the traditional Galleyside event, for which meeting minutes were not written.
There is no meeting on July 4 but we will be meeting for Thursdays at 5 at Timberland Bank on July 11!

Thought for the Week 

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What's Happening with Cancer Research and Treatment
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