Our Communications Committee with great leadership from Co-Chairs Chris Serface and Christina Turner are holding their first meeting of the year on Wednesday August 12 at 430 on Zoom. They are looking for members who have time and interest in helping us enhance our communications channels. Since we are not seeing one another it's even more important for us to keep members informed and engaged. Please consider lending your time and talents to this committee. 
Thursday, July 30, 2020
Mayor Victoria Woodards
Time: July 30, 2020 12:05 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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We will also be streaming the video using Facebook Live on our Private Facebook page. If you haven't joined our private page here is  the link
Please only use this phone in number if you do not have computer audio  253.215.8782

Tacoma’s Mayor will provide an update on the COVID-19 recovery, development of the 2021-2022 budget, and the transformation of services and systems impacted by racism.

Victoria Woodards has called the “City of Destiny” her home for nearly her entire life. She is a proud graduate of Tacoma’s Lincoln High School and served as a soldier in the United States Army. Before becoming Mayor in 2018, she served for seven years as an at-large member of the City Council. During that time, she launched the City’s Equity and Empowerment initiative which led to the establishment of its Office of Equity and Human Rights. She also brought partner organizations together for then President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, and spearheaded the City’s Project PEACE initiative which bridged community members with the Tacoma Police Department. 

In Mayor Woodards’ first term, she continues to be a champion of these important issues while expanding her involvement in regional and national conversations on affordable housing, transportation, strengthening youth and families, public safety, growing local business, and the creation of family wage jobs. She has also worked to more fully engage the City’s youth in community decisions that impact them every day, by expanding Student Government Day and  establishing the Mayor’s Youth Commission of Tacoma.

August 6
Robin Lucas - ShowCase Media
Good News Stories of COVID Heroes
August 13
Jennifer Kilmer - WA State Historical Society
Centennial of Women's Suffrage 
August 20
County Executive Bruce Dammeier

The annual meeting of the Tacoma Rotary Foundation was held during the July 23, 2020 Club Meeting for the purpose of electing the Foundation Board of Directors for this Rotary year.  Club members in good standing are Foundation members and eligible to vote.  Per Foundation by-laws, three Directors serve by virtue of their Club office, which are Kathryn Nelson, Kim Bedier and Kirsten Willis.  The following six Directors were elected to the Board at the meeting: Jeff Albers, Mark Anderson, Cynthia Darland, Kathy Martin, Rick Oldenburg, and Rick Triggs.  Per the by-laws, the new Directors will convene to elect officers.

The Annual Summary can be found here.

We welcomed our newest member to the club on July 23.  Major Randy Kinnamon actually became a member on July 1 when he transferred to us from Las Vegas, but this was our first opportunity to have Greer Todhunter introduce him.  Randy is from Alaska, but has spent time in Florida, California, Oregon and Nevada.  He started his career in banking and then decided that he wanted a change in focus and went to the Salvation Army College for his training, where he met his wife, who has relatives in Olympia. We were excited to hear that he has skills on the piano. We will look forward to hearing him play. 
The strength or our Rotary Club is Membership and the best way for that to be worked on all the time is Recruitment.  We need a continued focus on attracting new members according to the committee co-chairs, Past President Carol Duris, and Jennifer Weddermann.  The initial target of this committee is to build the number of members helping with this effort.  One of the best experiences as a Rotarian is being part of a Committee.  The Membership Recruitment  committee is seeking additional club members who have a passion about being a Rotarian and a member of Tacoma #8 Rotary, and want to share that passion with other prospective individuals. It could be with a previous visitor to the club, it could be a co-worker who loves community and helping others. If you can help out with this membership recruitment, and join the committee’s once month meetings, please contact either Carol or Jennifer. Special thanks to the following members who have proposed new members who are in the pipeline or who have joined over the last 12 months.  Linda Kaye Briggs, Cindy Niemi, Kathryn Nelson, Maria Harlow, Robin Echtle, Lori Harnick. Missy Zenczak-Candler, Carol Duris, Bryan Flint, Gil Quante, Don Meyer, Ann Voves, Kirsten Willis, Jan Brazzell, Becky Fontaine, Greer Todhunter and  Linn Larsen.
Prepping bags for delivery 
Tacoma Rescue Mission Sack Lunch Project  Thanks to sandwich volunteers for this week Jan Brazzell, Becky Fontaine, Sharon Jaffee, Diane Kelleher, Dorothy Lewis,and Amy Wigstrom. Our next date for packing is August 11, we need volunteers. Let Seth or the office know by August 7 if you are willing to put together 10 meat sandwiches (with no condiments) and deliver them to the office on Monday, August 10 by 4 or Tuesday, August 11 by 11. We will have volunteers to fill the sacks with chips, water, cookies and a piece of fruit. You can also use this tracking sheet to sign up on line. For questions contact Seth Kaplowitz at or call or email the office at 253-473-7723, 
We had amazing volunteers show up to paint the home of a 93 year old Tacoma gentleman, who has lived in this house for 77 years!  Special thanks to  John Schneider who recruited an wonderful group of Rotarians, their families and friends.  The job was done safely and with care, thanks to our members who invested sweat equity on some of the warmest days of the summer! Marsha Burns, Zach Entwistle, Chris Hays, Sharon Jaffee, Diane Kelleher, Stacey Ogle, Jim Shoemake, Sherri Stanton, Jennifer Weddermann and Amanda Weidman. 
Meeting Moderator-Chris Serface
Reflection-Dean Hanks
Music & 4 Way Test- Jennifer Wedderman  
Storywriter- Greer Todhunter
Meeting Sponsor- Gil Quante
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week
Betty Capestany - Jul 28
Skip Anderson - Jul 30
Jan Brazzell - Jul 30
Anniversaries to Celebrate
Maddie Merton - 2 years
Monique Nadeau -11 years
Ed Ramos-11 years
Reflections from the July 23 meeting by Miriam Barnett
Miriam Barnett opened the meeting with a thoughtful reflection, followed by an instrumental version of the National Anthem and Chris Serface leading us in the 4-Way Test. We welcomed Howard Svigals from Gig Harbor Club. Carol Kowalski was a visiting member from Port Orchard and two prospective members tuned in - Carrie Holden and Barbara Wyatt
We had all double digit anniversaries this week! Impressive, from 13-29 years.
Greer Todhunter introduced newest member Major Randy Kinnamon of the Salvation Army. He moved to Tacoma a month ago. He is a transferring Rotarian. Born in Anchorage Alaska. Also lived in Florida, Oregon, New York. Dad died when he was 11 when the family moved to Fresno CA. Met his wife in Salvation Army Core. Worked the last 3.5 years in Las Vegas and was a Rotarian there. He is a ventriloquist and plays piano!
Brett Thomas presented annual report for Rotary 8 Foundation. Called meeting to order to elect board of directors. This is his last action as board member after 10 years.  He moved that the club elect the following board members. Kathryn Nelson, Kim Bedier and Kirsten Willis are directors by virtue of their club office and the slate of other directors includes; Jeff Albers, Mark Anderson, Cynthia Darland, Kathy Martin, Rick Oldenburg and Rick Triggs. The motion received a second from President Kathryn and using Zoom polling the motion was passed by a majority of members present. He reported that in 2019-20 we had $35,600 in donations to the trust fund and $211,000 in annual fundraising and invested $270,000 towards Works of  Service. Use this link to review the Annual report. You can also contact the office and it will be emailed to you
Kim Bedier introduced our speaker: Bill Johnson from Johnson Candy Company. The program format was an interview with Kim asking questions.
Your store is a family owned tradition, tell us how it started?
Great grandfather, who immigrated from Sweden. Started by selling buttermilk, then hot lunches. Noticed people liked to buy chocolate so decided to focus on it.
Ron Johnson is Bill’s dad. Russ was his grandfather. Building built in late 40’s. 924 MLK Way. Sign was re-done 1.5 years ago.
How have you seen the Hilltop change?
Was Greek and Italian neighborhood that changed in the 60’s to African America. Now has it challenges with gentrification and displacement of people can’t afford to live there. Unfortunately the street fair could not happen this year.
Does your dad come in every day?
He did until COVID then I made him stay home. He still helps make candy. Grandfather came in until his ‘90’s.
What was your first job at the store?
Mopped floors at 13 years old.
Will your kids carry it on?
Oldest one is almost 9. Hopefully they will want to be involved.
Are the recipes as old as the store?
Bought recipes from before the business. They still hand dip a lot of chocolates.
Is everything made on site?
Still using same tables and equipment. They still make all chocolate on site. Use a 10 year old caramel mixer.
Your candy has received accolades. What are your most popular?
Sea salt caramel. Before that it was the turtles. Bill likes the dark chocolate milk truffles and toffee. Received recognition as one of the 10 best chocolates in WA State, and one of best old-school candy shops.
What is sea foam?
Old fashioned candy that is mostly sugar and very light. Honey flavored and made with molasses. Baking soda makes it rise up.
Ice cream bars were mentioned. Tell us about it?
Dairy in Eugene makes the ice cream bar and they dip them and roll them in fresh roasted nuts.
How can we find your candy?
FB and Instagram and have walk up window and ship. You can call order via phone 253-272-8504, then pick up.  
How can we help you during these challenging times?
It’s been very slow. Hoping to get website up and that link construction ends soon. Can park behind store or on street. Buy chocolate! Construction goes on until 2022.
Kim: Thanked Bill and said "You have given so much happiness through your candy store."
Opened up for questions;
I have seen your candy at Stadium Thriftway. Are there other stores that carry it?
A store in Black Diamond and Purdy are the only others. Stadium Thriftway has not ordered since COVID.
What is your production volume?
Recipes are all different. Takes an hour to cook the caramel. Depends on the season. Most 50 or 60 pounds. Most are very small batches.
Have you faced any shortages?
Sugar free chocolate has been hard to get. So far no other trouble.
Christina Turner thanked Bill for being so supportive of Multicare and other community orgs.
How many people do you employ? Has it decreased?
Bill and 4 employees work there. One is a cancer survivor and another has not felt safe coming in. Most are part time. Running on small staff. It’s a risk in a small shop.
Do you still get in trouble with your dad?
Dad wants to get away from me at lunch. I still get in trouble.
Do you ever make a production mistake and if so what do you do with them?
Doesn’t happen too often. If they do, they go in the garbage.
Bill will repost candy menu on social media and there is also a menu at the walk up window.
David Flentge thanked Bill for making the best candy in the world and making his wife happy!
President  Nelson thanked all that signed up to help Paint Tacoma Beautiful on Saturday and Sunday and also those who are making sandwiches for 7-28. We can always use more sandwiches and we will be doing this every other week.
True confessions
If you get an email from President Kathryn Nelson from this email address; please block it. She has been hacked. It will ask you to buy gift cards.

A thought for the week

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