Thursday, May 24, 2018
VOL. NINETY-FOUR, Issue No. 47
My Exchange Year - Mikulas Rimanek
This will be a special week as we hear from Mikulas about his exchange year.  He has experienced life in America with 3 families and has had the opportunity to travel within and beyond our state.  He has celebrated holidays and his birthday and has become a fixture in the birding community, identifying hundreds of species of birds. We have been honored to have him with us this year, and we will be sure to learn how this opportunity has changed his life. 
Do you have a child or grandchild that might consider an exchange opportunity? This a great way to provide them with an idea of how lives are changed through the Youth Exchange Program. Invite them to join you this week. 

We will also be awarding scholarships to students from Wilson, Tacoma Baptist, Stadium, SOTA, SAMI, Oakland, Mt. Tahoma, Foss, Lincoln, Life Christian, Bellarmine and Annie Wright.  This will be be a week to celebrate!

Welcome New Member Sabrina Ahrens
Commissioner - Pierce County Superior Court                 
We are so pleased to welcome Sabrina to our club, and thanks to Kathryn Nelson for proposing her. She was born in Kentucky, spent time in Illinois, but is at home here in the Northwest. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and received her JD from Seattle University. She and her husband have 2 boys and she is looking forward to being a part of Rotary. Please welcome Sabrina next time you see her. 
Membership Proposal
Unless written objections are submitted to the Board within 10 days of this posting, the following individuals will be invited to membership: 
Jennifer Weddermann
Owner Architect
Weddermann Architecture
Sponsor: Maria Harlow and Gil Quante
Sally Glover
Executive Director
South Sound Cares
Sponsor: Maria Harlow
Members enjoying a Winter Fireside


Maria Harlow sent out the fireside assignments on Friday.  Thanks so much to our hosts; Carol Duris and Maria Harlow, Carol Webster and Marty Lough, Jim Whitacre and Cynthia Darland and Barry Benson and Jeremy Fogelquist.  There are still a couple of openings if you are interested in this opportunity please contact the hosts directly. If you are now unable to attend please let your host know right away as they need to plan their meal. 

Larry Treleven - Tacoma North
Invocation - Cosette Pfaff
National Anthem and 4 Way Test -  Jan Brazzell
Piano - On the Rooftop
Board Greeter- Roving Mic - Carol Duris
Greeter - Roving Mic - Sharon Jaffee
Birthdays -  John Schneider
Fine Counter - Dan Bogart
Meeting Reporter for Gearshift -  Rusty George
Meeting Sponsor -   Christina Turner
AV Assistance - Jeff Rounce 
There are clipboards at every meeting for you to sign up to help out!
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Playing piano
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
Birthdays to Celebrate 
Tasha Smith - May 20
Tim Daly - May 24
Becky Fontaine - May 25
Monique Nadeau - May 26
Anniversaries to Celebrate 
Jan Schwenger - 22 years  
Mike Dunbar - 26 years  
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
May 24, 2018
The Fish Peddler
1199 Dock Street
Tacoma, WA
May 31, 2018
Uncle Thurms
3709 S G Street
Tacoma, WA
June 7, 2018
714 S 27th Street
Light Hors D'oeuvres Beer and wine served
or 253-573-6617
June 14, 2018
Cooks Tavern
3201 N 26th Street
Tacoma, WA
June 21, 2018
Primo Grill
2701 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
June 28, 2018
Galleyside !!
July 5, 2018
Happy 4th of July no social !
July 12, 2018
Boathouse 19
9001 S 19th Street
Tacoma, WA
July 19th, 2018
Camp Goodtimes celebration!
Anthony’s Point Defiance
5910 N Waterfront Drive
Tacoma, WA
Reflections from the meeting of May 17 from Kirsten Willis
With the ringing of the bell at 12:08pm, the weekly Rotary Club of Tacoma #8 meeting was called to order. President Mark Anderson welcomed everyone to the Rooftop Garden – what a beautiful view of Tacoma. Thanks to Joan Engle, Cascade Park Communities, for serving as the meeting sponsor!
The invocation by Diane Tilstra was the Standing Women Prayer for Children and Grandchildren (see below for full text). Each Mother’s Day at 1:00PM people around the world stand and read the prayer. Libby Catalinich, Pierce County, led the National Anthem followed by the 4‑way Test. No piano needed for our harmonious group! Harrison Laird, CBRE and Geoff Oakley, Grit City Baking Company brought microphones to our members with guests.
President Mark then called on Melissa Malott, Citizens for a Healthy Bay to introduce our speakers, Ken Balcomb and London Fletcher. Ken is a world-renowned whale researcher who obtained his bachelor’s degree in Zoology from UC Davis and was employed by the US government as Field Biologist. Ken is a pioneer in photo-identification of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and is the founder of Orca Survey (1976), a study of Pacific Northwest Southern Resident killer whales (SRKW or simply “orcas"). He founded the non-profit Center for Whale Research in 1985 and is its Executive Director. Ken reported that in the mid 90’s the orca population was robust before seeing a rapid decline to only 76 today. Orcas are extremely intelligent. Within each pod, families form into sub-pods centered around older females. Both male and female offspring remain in close association with their mothers for life. Different killer whale pods "sound" different. Each pod has their own dialect of sounds. Ken is a Charter Member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy and has authored or co-authored dozens of scientific publications. His work has been featured in books and the documentary movie Blackfish – on Netflix now – go watch it! Ken told us that 80% of the orca’s diet is chinook salmon. Unfortunately, there is not enough salmon and with the ocean more polluted and noisy and we are in danger of seeing our orcas go extinct.
London Fletcher is only 10 years old and is the youngest intern to study cetaceans with a program in New Zealand. She is the founder of Blue Advocates and wants our help to save the whales who are in a state of emergency. She told us about the Orca J-52 who recently died due to malnutrition. The lack of salmon and the increasing marine traffic are destroying the whales. London spoke about breaching dams to boost salmon numbers. However, that does not appear to have major support in Congress. London is an inspiration and reminder that we have work to do so our next generations can enjoy the same amazing enjoyment and animals. She received a standing ovation from the audience and I think we have a future Rotarian!
President Mark introduced our meeting sponsor Joan Engle, Cascade Park Communities. Specialized memory care is the fastest growing program at Cascade Park, which focuses on assisted living and adult day health care. By 2020 1/3 of our population is expected to have Alzheimer’s. Join Joan and Cascade Park by raising money during the annual bake sale and walk.
Kathryn Nelson, Pierce County Superior Court Judge introduced the newest member to our club, Sabrina Ahrens, Pierce County Superior Court Commissioner. Not only is Sabrina a Husky fan (she still roots for the Cougars) she was also raised in the same hometown (on earth!) of Superman, Metropolis, Illinois. Welcome to the club Sabrina!
President Mark made sure the audience was paying attention while we celebrated the following anniversaries; Chuck Heaton - 4 years, LaTasha Wortham - 7 years cumulative, Edwin Hill - 22 years,  Steve Bader - 34 years and  Jeff Lyon - 35 years 
Maria Harlow, Names Family Foundation celebrated birthdays with two members. Barbara Mead - May 13, is a multiple Paul Harris and Art Wickens Fellow and annual donor to Project Greater Good. This amazing piano player joined Rotary and has stayed involved because of the friends and opportunity to serve the community. Chris Serface - May 13 is a National Anthem singer and weekly A/V meeting volunteer, joined Rotary to connect to the community and has enjoyed his time with Scholarship and Rotary Youth Exchange Committees!
A few True Confessions followed with a special hello from guest Alex Wade, grandson of Nancy Davis. Alex invited everyone who knew Nancy to attend her service at 2 PM, June 3 at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center.
Next week our program will feature Mik, talking about his exchange experience. Insert many bird puns here! We will also see our Scholarship Committee recognize some outstanding Seniors. Our meeting was adjourned a little after 1:00 pm, and President Mark reminded us to go out and Live Rotary!

Standing Women Prayer for Children and Grandchildren
We are standing for the world’s children and grandchildren, and for the seven generations to come.
We dream of a world where all of our children have safe drinking water, clean air to breathe, and enough food to eat.
A world where they have access to a basic education to develop their minds and healthcare to nurture their growing bodies.
A world where they have a warm, safe and loving place to call home.
A world where they don’t live in fear of violence – in their homes, in their neighborhoods, in their schools, or in their world.
This is the world of which we dream.
This is the cause for which we stand.  


Sound Advice for Service Above Self Living, by Past President  Pat Steel

 “ Where there is love, there is life.”  Mahatma Ghandi


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