Thursday, June 14, 2018
VOL. NINETY-FOUR, Issue No. 50
Michael Mirra
Tacoma Housing Authority - A Brief Review of Its Work

The Executive Director of the Tacoma Housing Authority will explain how THA understands its mission, how that mission fits in a successful city, and how that work shows in some examples of current THA projects.

Michael Mirra is the executive director of the Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) in Tacoma, WA.  He has served in that position since 2004.  Before that he served for two years as THA’s general counsel.  Prior to joining THA, Michael practiced law for about 25 years with Columbia Legal Services in Washington State and legal services in Tennessee representing low-income persons and organizations in civil matters.  Michael graduated from the University of Chicago and Vanderbilt Law School.  He grew up in Queens.

Art Wickens Awards
At the meeting this week we will be recognizing our newest Art Wickens fellows.  Eligible for awards this week are Jake Fey, Christian Anderson, Linda Kaye Briggs, Daryl Hembry, Rob Novasky, Pat Steel, David Flentge, Mary McNally, Harry Pritchard, Carol Webster, John West, Scott Sutherland, Ed Hill, Cap Pearson, Larry Treleven, Cynthia Darland, Kathi Willis, Ray Schuler and Buck Thompson. We are so grateful for the generosity of these and all members of the club who support the Tacoma Rotary Foundation! Interest from the trust supports our community grants. Check out the donor honor roll on the tables. Here are some quotes from these generous folks regarding why they give to the Tacoma Rotary Foundation. 
"I heartily support the Rotary Foundation because it keeps the money in Tacoma- Pierce County." 
"Making a donation to the Tacoma Rotary Foundation is such an easy decision.  As a member of the Community Grants Committee, I see how non-profits are very carefully selected to receive our gifts, and those chosen are the "cream of the crop."   Donating to the Foundation helps us to serve our community effectively."
" I give to the Tacoma Rotary Foundation because I have confidence in the way the funds are disbursed.  Knowing that the trust continues to grow gives me faith that the money I have given will continue to benefit the community long after I am gone. It is good to know my gifts will benefit future generations." 
"I like supporting the local community and think our Foundation does a better job than some others at rooting out good local causes I might not think about.  It's a way of going beyond my few pet projects without worrying about whether the funds are used in a way that might cause me grief."  
"I appreciate pooling my donations with other Rotary 8 members to have a broader impact for individuals and families in need in the Greater Tacoma area. And I know that the diligent process used by the Grants Committee assures that the funds will be put to good use through reputable organizations."
Bill Baxter, our oldest member, called the office on his birthday Friday to express his gratitude for the wonderful friends he has in Rotary. We we were able to circulate a card during the meeting on Thursday and Larry Treleven dropped it off on Thursday afternoon.  We are so fortunate to have so many long tenured members in the club!
The House that Rotary Built
We had a wonderful meeting on June 7 as we presented a reproduction of our check to Habitat for Humanity.   We have learned that the house we will be building is in Tillicum and that our efforts will begin this summer.  Maureen Fife and Elliot Stockstad delivered the  "wall of hope" stud, which will be at our meetings for each of us to sign and will then be placed in the house we construct.  There will be opportunities throughout the summer for all of us to be involved.  Can't swing a hammer or pound a nail, or raise a wall?  Maybe you can serve refreshments to the workers.  This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for us to all work side by side and change lives in Pierce County!
It's time to sign up for our annual transition of leadership.  We will be hoping for sunny skies, but regardless of the weather what could be better than spending the afternoon on a boat with great friends?  You will enjoy a picnic at Dockton and have the chance to watch Mark get up and personal with a pie in the face.  Sign up sheets will be at the upcoming meetings or you can call the office and we will take your reservations. You will enjoy a great barbecue for $35.  We may still need a boat if you have one that you could offer, or if you have a friend who is a captain! Another option if you can't be away the entire afternoon will be to ferry over. Check your calendar and plan to join in the fun!
Welcome New Member Sally Glover
South Sound Care           
We are so pleased to welcome Sally to our club, and thanks to Maria Harlow for proposing her. She is a native Oregonian and was born in Corvallis, but decided to move from that college town to Pullman and WSU to pursue her degree.  She met her husband Bill there and they have stayed here in Washington. She has a broad background in non profit work and is passionate about the life changing cancer research work South Sound Care is providing, allowing our residents to participate in groundbreaking clinical trials without having to travel great distances. Be sure to introduce yourself to Sally when you see her. 
Membership Proposal
Unless written objections are submitted to the Board within 10 days of this posting, the following individual will be invited to membership: 
Dean Carrell
ASSNS - Foundations - Library
Pierce County Library Foundation
Sponsor: Linda Kaye Briggs
Sally Leighton
Community Volunteer
Retired Attorney
Sponsor: Linda Kaye Briggs
Maddie Merton
ASSNS - Business Development
VP Business Retention & Expansion
EDB Tacoma/Pierce County
Sponsor: Rusty Hersey
John West - Chelan
Cathy Hall - Bellingham
Invocation - Donna Haynes
National Anthem and 4 Way Test -  Libby Catalinich
Board Greeter- Roving Mic - Jan Brazzell
Greeters  - Sally Glover
Birthdays -  Mike Dunbar
Fine Counter - Cynthia Darland
Meeting Reporter for Gearshift -  Jamie Brooks
Meeting Sponsor -   Peter Comfort (for PGG)
AV Assistance - Jeff Rounce
There are clipboards at every meeting for you to sign up to help out!
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Playing piano
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
Birthdays to Celebrate 
Bill Pickles - Jun 10
Jack Warnick - Jun 11
Jim Merritt - Jun 13
Rob Roth - Jun 16
Elliot Stockstad - Jun 16
Anniversaries to Celebrate 
John Pfaff - 3 years - Jun 11
David Flentge - 21 years - Jun 12 
Sandi Wollum - 10 years - Jun 12 
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
June 14, 2018
Cooks Tavern
3201 N 26th Street
Tacoma, WA
June 21, 2018
Primo Grill
2701 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
June 28, 2018
Galleyside !!
July 5, 2018
Happy 4th of July no social !
July 12, 2018
Boathouse 19
9001 S 19th Street
Tacoma, WA
July 19th, 2018
Camp Goodtimes celebration!
Anthony’s Point Defiance
5910 N Waterfront Drive
Tacoma, WA
Enjoying the Social at Uncle Thurms
Reflections from the meeting of June 7 from Jim Henderson
President Mark called the June 7 meeting of the Rotary Club of Tacoma to order at 12:11 pm in the Plaza Grand Ballroom.  Elliot Stockstad, Habitat for Humanity, gave a moving and concise invocation.   President Mark thanked Lori Harnick, Goodwill, for being this week’s meeting sponsor. Jeff Albers, Wilson Albers and Company, and Sally Glover, South Sound Care took the mics around for introducing guests and visiting Rotarians.  Among the many guests was former long-time member Dave Thomas, visiting from Sedona AZ.
Debbie Regala then came forward to introduce this week’s speaker – Penny LeGate.  Penny is no stranger to Rotary or to this Rotary Club.  She has spoken numerous times to many Rotary gatherings and is an honorary member of Tacoma #8, as well as a recipient of six Paul Harris Fellowships. The theme of her remarks was Marah’s Story, talking about the untimely death of her daughter Marah and the terrible effects of the Opioid Crisis in our country.  This is an epidemic and is a battle to save American lives.  In 2015 overdose deaths surpassed all the deaths in the Vietnam War, and in 2016, drug overdoses claimed over 64,000 lives.  She said that the homeless problem is over 90% related to Opioid use. Her daughter died at age 18 from a heroin overdose.  She was a very sensitive and talented person.  Her daughter identified with others who were down and out and was a very complicated child who went through a number of treatment episodes for drug use.  Penny stated that the war on drugs is not working.  She said we have learned ten things from what is happening:  1) Addiction is a disease, a chronic medical condition, and that the typical heroin user needs 4 fixes each day.  It should be treated like any other disease. 2)  Control prescriptions of Opioids.  Doctors are prescribing them far too often for pain.  She said that 60% of kids get drugs from medicine cabinets in their own homes or homes of friends.  3)  No one is immune from the dug crisis – it touches all ethnic groups.  4)  Education is essential – talk with your kids early on. 5)  Find alternatives to self-medicating.  6)  More treatment facilities.  7)  Recovery is possible.    There is medication assisted treatment and there is no shame in that.  8)  Make Naloxone available as it can reverse overdoses.  9)  Know that in this state there is the Good Samaritan Law.  10)  There should be no stigma and no shame – then people will stop dying.  If you stay in the shadows people will die.  Penny concluded her remarks to a standing ovation for telling Marah’s Story and the sage advice on the Opioid Crisis.
President Mark then called forward Carol Webster and Mike Wark, from the Community Service Grants Committee, to present the third cycle of grants for this Rotary Year.  Representatives from all of the grant recipient organizations were present to receive their award and the total amount of this Round Three was $52,500.  We were reminded that the funds raised at each Rotary Auction and donations to the Tacoma Rotary Foundation fund the grants that the club gives out every year. The fourteen organizations that received grants were; Eloise's Cooking Pot, First Washington, Tacoma Children's Museum, Foundations for a Healthy Generation, Nourish, EFN, Children's Therapy Center, Safe Streets, Citizen's for a Healthy Bay, St. Vincent dePaul, College Success Foundation, Rebuilding Together, ARK and Seabury School. 
Then Maureen Fife and Elliot Stockstad from Habitat for Humanity came forward to receive an  oversized check totaling $78,000 from the recent Auction Raise the Paddle.  Helping President Mark make the presentation was Auction Chair Carol Duris. Meeting Sponsor Lori Harnick from Goodwill, came forward and briefly described the work of Goodwill in operating stores, community partnerships and helping people in need. They are hosting the Social tonight and invite members to see their services through a clients eyes. 
Anniversaries celebrated this week:  Chris Serface – 4 years; Anthony Chen – 9 years; Mark Anderson – 15 years; Peter Carlstrom – 17 years; Ross Hjelseth – 22 years; and Jamie Will – 43 years. Diane Tilstra came forward to help celebrate birthdays.  There were two celebrants in attendance: Cynthia Darland and Lori Harnick.   Also celebrating this week were Shon Sylvia and Past President Bill Baxter, celebrating 93 years, and a card for Bill was going around at the meeting.
President Mark made a brief paid announcement for a free Breath of Air concert set for Friday evening, which is a singing group Mark belongs to, and reminded everyone about signing up for the June 28th Galleyside, and said there was a need for one more boat.
President Mark thanked our speaker Penny LeGate for the informative program.  He thanked Lori Harnick for being the meeting sponsor.  Tonight’s social will be at the Goodwill at 714 South 27th St..  Our speaker next week will be Michael Mirra, Exec. Dir. of the Tacoma Housing Authority who will talk about how they are serving the community in  finding suitable and sustainable housing. 
As he adjourned the meeting at 1:20pm., President Mark said to now go out and Live Rotary!

Sound Advice for Service Above Self Living by Past President  Pat Steel

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”  William James


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