Thursday, July 26, 2018

John McCarthy and Rod Koon

The Port of Tacoma Centennial


This year the Port of Tacoma is celebrating its centennial year. Created by a vote of Pierce County citizens Nov. 5, 1918, the Port started out on 240 acres in the Tacoma Tideflats.

Today, the Port is a major economic engine for our region. Port terminal and real estate operations cover about 2,700 acres of land and connect to more than 29,000 jobs in Pierce County.

Port commissioner John McCarthy and staff member Rod Koon will team up to present some of the highlights of the Port’s first 100 years as well as some of the challenges and opportunities facing the port and the shipping industry today.

A former Pierce County District and Superior Court judge for more than 22 years, John McCarthy recently retired from the bench.  He worked as a longshoreman for 10 years and served previously on the Port of Tacoma Commission from 1983 to 1992.  McCarthy has been a member of the Washington State Bar Association since 1975 and volunteers at Mount Rainier National Park.  He is an honorary life member of the Washington Public Ports Association.  He was the first member of the Boys and Girls Club of South Puget Sound’s to be selected to their Alumni Hall of Fame, and he continues to officiate high school football.  He also is on the Pierce County Regional Council and serves as the Port of Tacoma’s Tribal Liaison. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Science with a minor in Mathematics from Seattle University and a law degree from the University of San Francisco.

Remembering our long time member Paul Gingrich who recently passed away and extending sympathy and warm thoughts to Lee Gingrich, and the rest of the family.   
EFN Repack Coming
Please mark your calendar for this Saturday, July 28 from 12-230 when we will have our first re-pack of this Rotary Year.  We will have sign up sheets on the tables at the meetings or you can contact the office to sign up.  Registrations have begun and we have commitments from the following members; Carol Duris, Sharon Jaffee, Gil Quante, Diane Tilstra and Carol Webster.   

We are going to Stuff the Bus again this year and the Projects Committee has a great idea that Rusty Hersey and John McMasters will help us implement. In the meantime watch for school supplies sales and pick up some pencils, pens, crayons and paper next time you are shopping and bring them to a meeting where you can drop them in a bin! 


Our first evening meeting is right around the corner and we expect a great group!  In order to help our wonderful host get a head count please use this link to register for the event to be held on Thursday, August 9.  Linda Kaye will ring the bell at 5 and we will open a new chapter for this 108 year old club! 
It's really happening!  At the gathering last Friday club members were able to see the very first steps taken towards the House That Rotary Will Build.  There will be opportunities starting in the next few weeks for all of us to be involved.  Can't swing a hammer or pound a nail, or raise a wall?  Maybe you can serve refreshments to the workers.  This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for us to all work side by side.  You will be hearing soon from our Coordinators, Heather Faverman and Gil Quante about how you can be involved. 
Our dedicated group of volunteers created fun and entertainment for the kids at Camp Goodtimes last Thursday. The weather was perfect and the volunteers amazing.  Check in with one of these great folks to get a story or two. Special thanks to the Chair of this Project Ann Voves and her group of volunteers; Cynthia Darland, Peter DarlingMike Dunbar, Heather Faverman, Jim Fry, Whitney Grisaffi, Maria HarlowDonna Haynes, Andrew Imholt, Kelly Lane, Jeff Lovely,  Mary McNallyGil Quante,Charley Rance, Greg Rolsma, Michelle Roberts, Carlyn RoyBarbara Tankersley, and Carolyn Weyrick 
We have our two students, Renata from Paraguay and Jacob from Norway preparing to arrive in Tacoma by the end of August in order to enroll at Stadium High School. Youth Exchange needs two host families approved and ready to go by August 1st. 
10 Reasons to Host an Exchange Student 
in the words of our host parents
  1. You can learn that country’s may be different (culture, food, art, politics), but we are also not that different (want peace, family issues are the same, people vacation and go to work like we do).
  2. Teenagers keep you young and you tend to go places and do things you wouldn’t normally. 
  3. You get to know/see your city and state because you want to ensure they see it too. Great excuse!
  4. Hosting provides an invaluable international/cultural experience for your children without leaving home.  
  5. Creates a lifetime friendship around the world, which inspires a never ending worldly perspective. 
  6. The world gets a little smaller and better. We love our International kids!  
  7. Your entire family has a mutually beneficial education experience. 
  8. Your eyes are open to what the younger generation is thinking.  We were able to have tremendously insightful discussions with our student on the different views regarding culture, society, government, world history and even politics.
  9. You have the chance to learn or practice a foreign language.
  10.  You create a lifetime of memories, with someone who will always be in your heart.  
The application process takes a minimum of two weeks to gain approval as a host family. Each family hosts one of the incoming students for a period of 3 months. If you can't do it, perhaps you have a friend or family member that might be interested!
Renata and Jacob are eager to meet their first host family. We will need 3 host families per student for the exchange year. Our wonderful In Bound RYE expert, Diane Tilstra can help you prepare for this engaging experience. You may be surprised to see how easy it is to host a student. Please call Diane at 206-948-8309 or email: if you want more information! 
        Dean Carrell                   Sally Leighton
       Connie Miller        
New members at our first meeting
Dean Carrell, Sally Leighton and Connie Miller
Wow, what a great way to kick off the new Rotary year.  Three new members! Connie is a transferring member from Seattle # 4 and is the owner, coach and consultant for Pivotal Presentations. She is was born in Boston, but has been at home in the Northwest for years. Thanks to Jan Brazzell for introducing her! Linda Kaye introduced 2 new members; Dean Carrell, the Director of the Pierce County Library Foundation.  Dean is  a long time fundraiising professional and knows members in our club from his years at United Way.  He spent the last several years in Seattle and is pleased to be back in Tacoma!  Sally Leighton, is a recently retired attorney and has chosen to invest some of her time in retirement volunteering with Rotary.  She is off to a great start as she has already spent days attending the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  She has already signed up for the Grants Committee.  Committee Chairs these are some great recruits for your committee!
Invocation/Reflection - Jamie Brooks
Anthem & 4 Way Test - Don Hansen
Board Greeter- Roving Mic - Harrison Laird
Greeter-Roving Mic  -   
Fine Counter - Robin Echtle
Meeting Reporter for Gearshift - Sherri Stanton
Meeting Sponsor - Mike Dunbar
AV Assistance - Chris Serface
There are clipboards at every meeting for you to sign up to help out!
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
Birthdays This Week 
Peter Carlstrom - Jul 23
Shanna LaMar - Jul 23
Pat Steel - Jul 23
Mike Bitterling - Jul 24
This year we will be celebrating birthdays on the first meeting of the month, but will recognize all birthday celebrants with a slide on the dashboard throughout the month.  Thanks to the members who were with us last week and paid their birthday fine! ($1 per year of age) 
Anniversaries to Celebrate 
Becky Fontaine - 26 years
Deb Robinett - 27 years  
Rotary at the Rainiers on August 2
The annual Rainiers game for the Pierce County Rotary Clubs is Thursday, August 2nd. We have reservations from: Mark Anderson, Frank Dacca, Carol Duris, Brien Elvins (+1), Jeff Lovely, Jim Merritt (+1), Monique Nadeau, Geoff Oakley, Gil Quante (+1), Greg Rolsma (+1) Christina Turner and Kathi Willis. We have turned in our count but we can probably add a couple more if you are interested contact or  Joy will be sending out invoices this week.
No reports received!
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
July 26
Lobster Shop
4015 Ruston Way
Tacoma, WA
August 2
Tacoma Rainiers
August 9
Thursdays at 5 Meeting
August 16
Stanley and Seaforts
115 East 34th Street
Tacoma, WA
August 23
Johnny’s Dock
1900 East D Street
Tacoma, WA
August 30
The Social Bar
1715 Dock Street
Tacoma, WA
September 6
No Social-Happy Labor Day
September 13
Thursdays at 5 Meeting
Johnson Stone & Pagano
September 20
Chambers Bay Grill
6320 Grandview Drive West
Tacoma, WA
September 27
5104 Grand Loop
Ruston, WA
Enjoying the Social at Boathouse 19
Reflections from the meeting of July 19 from Past President Jim Henderson
President Linda Kaye Briggs called the July 19 meeting of the Rotary Club of Tacoma to order at 12:07 pm in the Rooftop Garden at the Landmark Convention Center.  Carol Webster gave the invocation, and said our mission as Rotarians is to give, and it is a privilege and a duty to give back. Past President Mark Anderson, Anderson Law, led us in the National Anthem and the Four Way Test.  President Linda Kaye thanked the Vocational Services Committee for being this week’s meeting sponsor.
New member Sally Leighton, and President Elect Carol Duris, Timberland Bank, took the mics around for introducing guests and visiting Rotarians.  There were a number of guests as well as a Rotarian from Spokane Rotary who will be transferring to Tacoma #8.  President Linda Kaye then called forward Missy Zenczak, chair of the Vocational Service Committee for a meeting sponsorship announcement.  Missy reviewed a slide showing all of the meeting sponsors from the last Rotary year and thanked them and also said we will be doing the Business Expo again and invited members to consider sponsoring a meeting.
President Linda Kaye again explained how birthdays will be celebrated this year with all the celebrants recognized at the beginning of the month, and there was a slide showing all of the birthdays and dates from the month of July.  Anniversaries were recognize for the week and included:  Bruce Dammeier – 1 year (15 years previous service); Linda Nguyen – 8 year; Donna Haynes – 10 years; Carol Webster – 10 years; Robin Echtle – 11 years; Steve O’Brien – 11 years; Maureen Fife – 17 years; and Past President Ray Schuler – 32 years.
We were reminded that in the buckets on each table we would find sign-up sheets for the EFN repack on July 28.  In the yellow folders on every table there is information on the Rotary Youth Scholarship and why we should consider being a host parent.  We were reminded to respond to the recent mailing regarding Project Greater Good and were asked to help us reach the goal of having  everyone give something this year.  The groundbreaking and dedication at our Habitat House at 15116 Portland Ave SW, will be held on Friday morning at 9:30 am.
Our first Thursday at 5 meeting will be coming up at KBTC, and a list of the future sponsors are in the yellow folders at the table.  Past President Mark Anderson came forward to pitch the August 2nd Rotary Night with the Tacoma Rainiers, with the tailgate beginning at 5:15pm.
President Linda Kaye introduced Carol Webster to give the introduction of today’s featured speaker.  Carol has known our member Mary Lynn Pannen for 40 years.  She has ridden Courage Classic and is an RN.  Her Elder Care Management Company has grown over the past 25 years, and today has over 118 employees.  Mary Lynn talked about aging and the impact it has on eldercare in the workforce.  Many people today are working past normal retirement ages, and we are helping older adults while still working.  75% of those 65 years of age and older continue to work.  Baby Boomers provide personal and financial care to parents.  56% of those caregivers work a 40+ hour a week job in additional to care giving duties.  Today there is a 50/50 split of both men and women doing care giving duties.  Adult children who caregive have considerable health issues.  In the workplace, there is a loss of productivity, absenteeism, employee stress, increased illness and a lack of focus.  As business owners, we have to find how we can respond to this shift.  Businesses are adding eldercare coaching and early planning as a benefit for employees and clients.  Care managers create a care plan.  Take into consideration the wishes of the family and help to reduce family time and stress.  We are seeing lots of emphasis on care attention.
After her presentation President Linda Kaye gave the speaker gift to Mary Lynn, which is an original piece of art designed by students at Hilltop Artists.  Each piece of glass sculpture is unique and shows a flame representing her theme of Reignite Your Rotary.
President Linda Kaye had a short amount of time for True Confessions and DMD’s – Dollars Making a Difference.  Coming forward were Dan Bogart talking about the birth of a granddaughter, and Bill Pickles paying his birthday fine.  The social tonight will be at Anthony’s at Point Defiance, 5910 N Waterfront Drive.  Next week we will hear about the Centennial at the Port of Tacoma from Commissioner John McCarthy and Rod Koon.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:55pm and were reminded to Reignite Your Rotary.

A Thought for the Week from Past President and Past District Governor Jim Harris

Don’t just live the length of your life…..Live the width of it as well……Diane Ackerman


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