Thursday, January 10, 2019
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Rotary 8 Members whose workplaces are the County City Building (CCB) and/or the Courts located therein, are EXCITED to welcome you to the January 10, 2019 meeting held at the CCB.   We will be featuring the newly installed Courthouse History Project which shows the four sites of County Courts and government since 1852 to present. The County City Building is at 930 Tacoma Ave. Park in the lot by entering on So 11th St between Tacoma Ave and Yakima. Proceed north to the Yakima side entrance and take time to admire the museum quality exhibits, before you go down one floor to Courtroom 100. There will be great food and fun for all!  We will also have brief welcomes and information from leaders of the entities whose employees daily populate the premises. Delicious eats catered by Stadium Thriftway and lots of time to socialize with your fellow Rotarians and guests.  Please sign up and come to this unique rotary meeting!!

Use this link for Thursdays at 5 at County City Building
UW President Ani Mari Cauce
Use this link for the January 17 meeting
It is with great sadness that we share the loss of long time member Dick Moe. Our thoughts are with his wife Marcia and the rest of the family members.  A celebration of life will be held at the Lagerquist Concert Hall on the PLU Campus on Feb. 9 at 2 pm. 
Last Chance!
It's time to start the finishing touches on the House That Rotary Built.  if you would like to volunteer for one of the last two dates January 25 or 26 please use this link to sign up online. 
Membership Proposal
Unless written objections are submitted to the Board within 10 days of this posting, the following individual will be invited to membership: 
Tim Smith Jr. 
MARKETING - Promotional Products
Custom Impressions
Sponsor: Stacey Ogle
Fall Fireside at Carol Webster's

Our winter firesides are coming up on January 22.  Maria Harlow has had great response to her calls for hosts and guests and we will have sign up sheets available again at the meeting on January 17.  If you will miss that meeting and are interested in participating please email Maria at or the office at

Science Olympiad
It's that time of year again when we need to recruit volunteers to assist us on Saturday, January 12, at Curtis Middle School for the Science Olympiad.  We will need 15-20 members who can assist us with a variety of tasks.  Writing tests (prior to the event) event registration and proctoring at the event.  Please contact Gil Quante at if you can help.  We will also have sign up sheets available at upcoming meetings.  Thanks to those who signed up already - Cynthia Darland, Donna Haynes, Diane  Kelleher, Roger Lilley, Rob Pfarr, Gil Quante, Ray Schuler and Jim Whitacre. 
Welcome to our newest members
Katrina Self
Katrina was introduced by her sponsor Barbara Mead at our meeting on January 3.  She is an attorney at Eisenhower Carlson, where she specializes in Trusts and Estate Planning.  She and her husband live in Steilacoom, with their children who are 1 and 3.  She was born in Monterey, California and the family came to Tacoma while her husband served at JBLM .  She is looking forward to giving back to the community through her membership in Rotary. Let's see what committee chair extends the first invitation to Katrina  to join their committee!
Eric Lind
Eric was re-introduced to club members at the meeting on January 3.  Eric was an eight year member of the club and we are thrilled to have him back.  He is currently the Interim Sales Manager at Cole Graphic Solutions, but also serves as a Pastor at Hope Church in Tacoma. Be sure to welcome him back to the club next time you see him. 
The Pandaka committee would like to thank the following individuals for jumping in to mentor our new members. We truly appreciate you! If you would like to mentor a new member (we have a lot in the pipeline) please reach out to Amanda Weidman at
Barry Benson, Jan Brazzell, Linda Kaye Briggs, Brien Elvins, Whitney Grisaffi, Maria Harlow,  Jim Henderson, Harrison Laird, Monique Nadeau, Gil Quante, Elliot Stockstad, Carol Webster, Jim Whitacre and Kirsten Willis
Watch for our next group of Pandaka’s who will graduate in January!!
Marty Lough - Sunrise
Cindy Niemi - Tacoma North
Larry Treleven - Tacoma North
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week 
Deb Robinett - Jan 08
Bob Fredrickson - Jan 11
Don Hansen - Jan 11
Anniversaries to Celebrate 
Barbara Tankersley - 3 years 
Michelle Roberts - 16 years 
Steve Smith - 23 years 
Arvind Phukan - 29 years  
Andy Laycock - 35 years  
Social at Cooks Tavern 11-1
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
January 10, 2019
No social - Join us for Thursdays at 5 
County City Building
January 17
The Spar
2121 N 30th
Tacoma, WA
January 24
721 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA
Janaury 31
4102 S 56th Street
Tacoma, WA
Reflections from the meeting of January 3 by Jim Henderson
President Linda Kaye Briggs rang the bell at 12:03 pm at the first meeting of 2019 at the Tacoma Yacht Club.   Robin Echtle, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Foundation, provided the thoughtful invocation.  Elliot Stockstad, Lutheran Community Services NW, led us in the national anthem, accompanied on the piano by Barbara Mead, Moss Adams.   Today’s meeting was sponsored by the Projects Committee and Gil Quante.
Visiting Rotarians were asked to stand as John Gaines, Tacoma Public Utilities and Jackie Farrar, Moss Adams brought mics around.  There were a large number of guests in attendance, at this first meeting of 2019.  President Linda Kaye then called Barbara Mead forward to introduce our newest member – Katrina Self, an attorney at the law firm of Eisenhower Carlson, where she practices Trust, Estate and Probate law.  She and her husband, a recently retired Green Beret, moved to this area from work in the Ukraine, and now live in Steilacoom with their two children - a one year old and three year old.    Katrina said she is looking forward to becoming involved in the club. Then President Linda Kaye called forward Stacey Ogle, who introduced our next new member, Eric LindEric is returning to the club as he previously was an active member in the club.  He is the Interim Sales Manager at Cole Graphic Solutions and a Pastor at a local church in Tacoma.  He said that was a role he never thought he would be doing, but is enjoying it now.  President Linda Kaye welcomed both and commented on how our club is growing each month with new members.
Then Gil Quante, co-chair of the Projects Committee came to the podium to update everyone on the work of the Projects Committee in the past six months and promote the upcoming opportunity to help at the Science Olympiad.  In the first 6 months of the year we have had 18 opportunities for members to be engaged in efforts that benefit our community.  There are members who participate in almost every activity, and the Giving Tree saw 82 members who took ornaments and the Stuff the Bus activity in September had about 60 participants.  Overall we have tallied 319 engagements. Other projects include Salvation Army bell ringing, EFN food repacks, and the Habitat Build.  We were reminded that there were sign-up sheets on the table for volunteering for the Science Olympiad.
President Linda Kaye then invited Missy Zenczak to introduce today’s speaker and our member, Cosette Pfaff.  She has a Business Coaching and Consulting Business and is also a visiting professor at Pacific Lutheran University with over thirty years experience.  She talked about wanting to achieve our goals in 2019.  We need to do goal setting and start first with writing them down.  She said there are reasons that we do not meet the goals we set since it requires change and doing something different out of our comfort zone.  Employee goals should be connected to company goals and that sometimes there is not enough time to translate them to specific action.  She told us the real enemy of expectations is our day job and we should not allow it to take over our life.  She told us to schedule our priorities: focus on wildly important goals; act on lead measures; keep a compelling scoreboard, and create a cadence of accountability.  On the scoreboard, write them down, keep the score, and use things such as a calendar or  day-timer which then can hold us accountable.  We should check in weekly and monthly.  Cosette received a warm round of applause for her presentation and President Linda Kaye thanked her for being our speaker.
This week’s anniversaries were congratulated and included: Eric Kramer – 1 year, Bill Baarsma – 17 years, Lee Gingrich – 23 years and Tim Daly – 25 years cumulative.  John Schneider then came forward to do birthdays for the month of January. Among those present to celebrate their birthday were President Elect Carol Duris, Diane Kelleher, Robin Echtle, Ann Voves, Carolyn Else, Past President Don Hansen, and Bob Fredrickson.  Each was asked what their resolutions were for the new year.
There was some time for True Confessions and a number of members came forward:  Past President Brien Elvins told us his daughter passed all four areas of the CPA exam the first time; Past President Ray Schuler told us he had missed some meetings; Peter Comfort said he is now happily retired; Past President Becky Fontaine was called into service for the Red Cross in the fire ravaged area in Paradise CA; Robin Echtle is now President of the South Sound Planning Council; Barbara Mead is retiring from Moss Adams; Bob Fredrickson reported his son is going on a thirty day trip to Nepal;  Stacey Ogle was pleased to share that she will become a grandmother; and President Elect Carol Duris shared that daughter went skiing for the first time.  On a sad note, we were told that our long time member Dick Moe, recently passed away.
Maria Harlow made an announcement on the upcoming Winter Firesides where we continue to need more hosts and co-hosts and she also made a call for table captains for the Auction; and Kathyrn Nelson reminded everyone of the January 10 Thursdays  at 5 meeting at the County-City Building to enjoy information on the history of the Courts in Pierce County.
President Linda Kaye thanked Robin for the reflection, Elliot and Barb for the music, Gil and the Projects Committee for being the meeting sponsor.  she congratulated our newest members Katrina Self and Eric Lind, and thanked Barbara and Stacey for introducing themWe were reminded there was no social tonight and to sign up for the future meetings.
Now go out and Reignite your Rotary.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:56 pm.

Words of Inspiration from Past President Pat Steel

“ Love the life you live, live the life you love”  Bob Marley

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