Fred Moisio - Holland America 
Fred Moision - Ketchikan
Thursday, July 18, 2019
VOL. NINETY SIX,  Issue 3 
John Gaines - It Matters
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John Gaines aka “John PUSH Gaines” is a former at-risk foster kid turned youth advocate.

John has spoken at universities, nonprofit organizations, youth conferences, NBA skill camps, churches, and schools. He has worked with groups of parents, civic groups, educators, coaches & mental health professionals.

His ultimate goal is to inspire young people with his life and to help them realize regardless of the adversity or obstacles they may face; they can still PUSH to be the great human being that they were created to be.

He attended Bellarmine and then moved on to East Central University where he graduated Outstanding Student in Business and won a football championship as captain of the football team! He graduated from Liberty University with a Master degree in Business Leadership, and in 2019 he graduated with his Doctorate in Business Administration.  John currently is working at his dream job as the Community Relations Manager for Tacoma Public Utilities.  In his free time, he spends time mentoring and inspiring youth through the PUSH for Dreams Leadership Academy, a small nonprofit he founded. He lives in Tacoma with his wife Emily, newborn baby Anorah and dog Lola.

July 25
Dr. Frank Senecal - Cancer Research and Treatment
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Gabriel Bringman - Sweden
Nicolas Galy - France
We have two young men who will be joining us this year and will need 6 hosts families.  We are looking for 4 more host families who will be welcoming them in August. It looks like we may have our first host family for Nicolas, but we are still looking for one for Gabriel. If you just can't envision doing this yourself please consider asking friends or family who might be in a position to open their home for a few months to one of these young men.  

Gabriel Bringman comes from Saltsjobaden, STOCKHOLM, Sweden. He is 17 years old. His father, Magnus is an engineer and his mother, Cecilia, is a physiotherapist. Gabriel has a brother, Jakob, 24 and a sister, Lovisa, 21 both at university. This young man is English fluent and studies German as well. He loves a wide variety of sports including golf, soccer, kickboxing and skiing. He also loves coaching the sport of Floorball in his town.“I’ve visited Antelope Canyon in the US which definitely was a highlight for the …beautiful narrow paths combined with amazing stone walls. When I swam with whale sharks in Tanzania and dove in the beautiful coral reef was one of my favorite moments.”  Gabriel is a good student; friendly, thrifty and curious. He may study engineering but is curious about being an entrepreneur. Gabriel is eager to join your family and bring some joy from Swedish culture to our Tacoma host families.

Welcome Nicolas Galy (Nico) from Onet Le Chateau, RODEZ, France!  Nico is 16 years old. His father Bernard is an Accountant and his mother, Beatrice, is an occupational health doctor.  Nico loves sailing, tennis, golf and all kinds of music! He plays piano with his Mom. He is the 4th of 5 children ranging in age from 9 yrs to 28 yrs. He has very good English and speaks some Spanish. Nico and his family have traveled quite extensively. He has done school exchange in England and Spain.
Nico is his class representative. He is talkative, curious and a hard worker (supported by his teachers !  He is seriously considering becoming an airline pilot! Not a fan of eggs, avocado or beef! Mom says: “Nico needs to put down the computer and cell phone at bedtime!”
Think about how being a host parent will bring you new joys and experiences.  Here are 10 reasons to be a host parent!
  1. You can learn that country’s may be different (culture, food, art, politics), but we are also not that different (want peace, family issues are the same, people vacation and go to work like we do).
  2. Teenagers keep you young and you tend to go places and do things you wouldn’t normally. 
  3. You get to know/see your city and state because you want to ensure they see it too. Great excuse!
  4. Hosting provides an invaluable international/cultural experience for your children without leaving home.  
  5. Creates a lifetime friendship around the world, which inspires a never ending worldly perspective. 
  6. The world gets a little smaller and better. We love our International kids!  
  7. Your entire family has a mutually beneficial education experience. 
  8. Your eyes are open to what the younger generation is thinking.  We were able to have tremendously insightful discussions with our student on the different views regarding culture, society, government, world history and even politics.
  9. You have the chance to learn or practice a foreign language.
  10.  You create a lifetime of memories, with someone who will always be in your heart.  
As we begin a new Rotary year here is a refresher on paying fines. 
Birthdays -  We are celebrating birthdays once a month, normally on the first Thursday. This month because we didn't have a first Thursday meeting  we will celebrate this week.  We ask members to consider paying $1 for every birthday year they celebrate. Thanks to all of the members who always pay their fine whether they are at the meeting or not!    
Paid Announcement -  Any announcement made at a Rotary meeting that promotes an upcoming business event or a fundraising event for a nonprofit organization other than Tacoma 8 Rotary or one that supports a political candidate or political initiative.  The cost for a paid announcement is $50 and should be about one minute in length.   Contact Kathi Willis at the Rotary office to schedule a paid announcement. Announcements must be from a member of the club.
Cell Phone - If your phone rings during the meeting you should pay $35. 
True Confessions - Opportunities (30 second or less time slots) during Rotary meetings for members to share recent, special events that have occurred.  Examples are births, graduations, engagements, marriages, vacations, job changes, promotions.  “Fines” (suggested $10 minimum) are payable at the time of True Confessions. 
Mandatory Fun Night- Rotary At the Rainiers
Diane Kelleher, Christina Turner & Mark Anderson
It's that time again to join with Rotary Clubs in District 5020 to tailgate and enjoy a Rainiers Game.  The game this year will be August 15.   The evening starts with tailgating in the parking lot at 5:15 followed by the game at 7:05. For $18.00 you will receive a reserved seat ticket and enjoy a great tailgate party with lots of food both outside and inside the park. For $10 you can tailgate only! We have sent in our reservations for 60, but could possibly add a few more if you let us know right away!
There is always an opportunity to get involved in a Rotary Project. Below are a list of dates and activities from your Project Committee. For more information you can contact the Projects Committee Co-Chairs Diane Kelleher or Gil Quante, or the Project lead as noted below. 
July 18 - Camp Goodtimes Ann Voves
July 19 - Justice Family Barbecue (need grillmasters) Jim Whitacre
August 17- Saturday Sorting at St. Vinnie's - Gil Quante
August 22 - Community in Schools stuff the backpacks at Rotary! John Douville
August 24 - Courage in Leavenworth Carolyn Weyrick
Reflection - Dean Hanks
Board Greeter - Jeff Albers
Greeter/Roving Mic -  Molly Peterson
Greeter/Roving Mic - Monique Valenzuela
National Anthem & 4 Way Test - Jan Brazzell
Piano- Jack Warnick
Fine Counter- Dan Bogart
Storywriter - DeAnne Hamilton
Meeting Sponsor - Donated time
AV Assistant- Jeff Rounce
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week
Mike Dunbar - Jul 14
Jan Anderson - Jul 16
Linda Nguyen - Jul 17
Brien Elvins - Jul 18
Hunter George - Jul 18
Doug Page - Jul 18
John Pfaff - Jul 18
Jackie Lindstrom - Jul 19
Anniversaries to Celebrate
Bruce Dammeier – 2 years
Diane Kelleher - 3 years
Cindy Grady - 8 years  
Linda Nguyen - 9 years  
Donna Haynes - 11 years  
Carol Webster - 11 years  
Robin Echtle - 12 years  
Steve O'Brien - 12 years  
Maureen Fife - 18 years  
Ray Schuler - 33 years  

Meeting Sponsors are needed it's a great $100 investment!

  • Sponsoring Club Member/business will be highlighted by the President from the podium at least twice during the meeting.
  • A slide highlighting the sponsor business will be in rotation in the dashboard PowerPoint presentation, before the meeting.
  • Sponsor may set up a display and/or offer materials placed on the lunch tables.
  • Sponsor sits at the head table during the meeting and is given a 1-2 minute opportunity to showcase their business or event. This can also be in the form of a video presentation.
  • There is no limitation about what can be presented, it can be a description of the business or can promote an upcoming event.

To sponsor a meeting, contact the Rotary office or Vocational Committee Co-Chairs Andrew Imholt or Missy Zenczak.

Social at The Table May 16
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
July 18th
5910 N Waterfront Drive
Celebrate with the volunteers of Camp Good Times
July 25th
1022 S J Street
Creative cocktails
August 1st
5104 Grand Loop A
Ruston, WA
The last 365 days….and beyond!
Dear Tacoma #8 member,
What a privilege it has been these last 365 days to serve as your President!
 You might have read in last week’s gearshift where our member, Stephen Deal quoted the 19th Century Industrialist Andrew Carnegie; “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
Of course, as you know me, I would change Mr. Carnegie’s quote and add the words passionate, visionary and dedicated people can attain uncommon results. And that is exactly what the last 365 days has occurred within Tacoma #8, uncommon results!
There are so many of you, who have worked “behind the scenes” with minimum recognition and yet you continue to keep focused on what our community needs from us. Together, we have brought in 42 new members to our Rotary family…incredible!  Together we have raised more money than last year to eradicate polio…we’ve almost “slayed” that dragon!
We continue to fulfill high schooler’s dreams of attending college and we continue to “feed” our community when they have no alternatives except to visit food banks! Now that, is life-changing for the family and children that are hungry!  And, yes, many of us take a ferry boat over to an island to dress up with paint and funny hair while hosting an exciting day of giggles and fun for cancer patients and their siblings. This is the culture of Tacoma #8 and I am so proud to be a member of this club with you!
Together, we leverage funds for clean water around the world in countries many of us have never visited, however we are aware that clean water saves lives!  Together we care about the literacy in our community, so we build and then re-stock Little Libraries because we KNOW that learning to read can also “save a life!”
And wouldn’t we all agree that our 2 Rotary Youth Exchange Students brought us immeasurable joy this year? And, yes, their lives will never be the same, and they’ve both told me this, personally! And finally, what better foundation for our high schoolers than to “learn and practice” service above self in their interact club…at the hands of wonderful Tacoma #8 mentors.
Finally, The Rotary International President has awarded Tacoma #8 with his President’s Citation, with a Presidential Distinction!  This citation identifies and honors “thriving” Rotary clubs from all over the world.  This recognition has been earned by each and every one of you as you have “gone about your Rotary business,” the last 365 days!  Congratulations!
As your Past President..I challenge us all to continue this incredible work for our local and international community!
Please know that I feel truly blessed by your confidence in me, during the last 365 days and I promise to work very hard in the next 365 days…..and beyond!!
With heartfelt appreciation,
Linda Kaye
Past President
Thursdays at 5 at Timberland
It was another wonderful Thursday at 5 at Timberland Bank hosted by President Carol Duris and Doug Rohner. They provided fun games with prizes and wonderful food as well as plenty of time to socialize and enjoy the sunshine. Special thanks to Timberland for donating the extra food.  George Pilant received help from a number of great folks and packed up all of the leftovers to deliver to the homeless. Next month we will enjoy Thursdays at 5 hosted by Kim Bedier at the Tacoma Dome!

Thought for the Week 

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Jul 25, 2019
What's Happening with Cancer Research and Treatment
Aug 15, 2019
Evergreen State College
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