Thursday, July 25, 2019
VOL. NINETY SIX,  Issue 4 
Dr. Frank Senecal - The Latest in Cancer Research and Treatment
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Dr. Frank Senecal has practiced oncology in the South Sound for more than 30 years. He is the founder of Northwest Medical Specialties and serves as St. Joseph Hospital’s Director of Oncology. Dr. Senecal is also the Medical Director of Hospice of Tacoma, Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Chief of Staff at St. Francis Hospital, and is a Fellow of American College of Physicians.

Dr. Senecal graduated with high honors from Indiana University for both undergraduate and Medical School and continued his post-graduate medical training at the University of Washington. He completed his fellowship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and  is also Board certified in Internal Medicine and Hematology & Oncology.

Passionate about cancer research, Dr. Senecal founded the South Sound Cancer Awareness Research Expansion (CARE) Foundation in 2008 to help bring top research trials to the South Sound and has published several scientific research articles. He firmly believes that research is the path to the cure and making research available locally to advanced stage patients – so that they may receive treatment close to home surrounded by family and friends – is a top priority.

August 1
Bill Baarsma- Tacoma Historical Society
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August 9
Thursday at 5 - Tacoma Dome
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August 15
Dr. George Bridges - Evergreen State College
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Welcome to our first new member of 2019-20 
Alecia Cunningham was introduced by her sponsor, Cindy Niemi, at the meeting on July 18.  She is the Director of Corporate and Community Partnership for the girl Scouts of Western Washington.  She was born in Frankfurt Germany, but left as an infant. She is the mother of 3 including twins. She and her husband live in University Place and she is excited to give back to the community through Rotary.  Be sure to welcome Alecia next time you see her!
Gabriel Bringman - Sweden
Nicolas Galy - France
We have two young men who will be joining us this year and will need 6 hosts families.  It looks like we need 1 more host family for Gabriel.  If you just can't envision doing this yourself please consider asking friends or family who might be in a position to open their home for a few months to one of these young men.  

Gabriel Bringman comes from Saltsjobaden, STOCKHOLM, Sweden. He is 17 years old. His father, Magnus is an engineer and his mother, Cecilia, is a physiotherapist. Gabriel has a brother, Jakob, 24 and a sister, Lovisa, 21 both at university. This young man is English fluent and studies German as well. He loves a wide variety of sports including golf, soccer, kickboxing and skiing. He also loves coaching the sport of Floorball in his town.“I’ve visited Antelope Canyon in the US which definitely was a highlight for the …beautiful narrow paths combined with amazing stone walls. When I swam with whale sharks in Tanzania and dove in the beautiful coral reef was one of my favorite moments.”  Gabriel is a good student; friendly, thrifty and curious. He may study engineering but is curious about being an entrepreneur. Gabriel is eager to join your family and bring some joy from Swedish culture to our Tacoma host families.

Welcome Nicolas Galy (Nico) from Onet Le Chateau, RODEZ, France!  Nico is 16 years old. His father Bernard is an Accountant and his mother, Beatrice, is an occupational health doctor.  Nico loves sailing, tennis, golf and all kinds of music! He plays piano with his Mom. He is the 4th of 5 children ranging in age from 9 yrs to 28 yrs. He has very good English and speaks some Spanish. Nico and his family have traveled quite extensively. He has done school exchange in England and Spain.
Nico is his class representative. He is talkative, curious and a hard worker (supported by his teachers !  He is seriously considering becoming an airline pilot! Not a fan of eggs, avocado or beef! Mom says: “Nico needs to put down the computer and cell phone at bedtime!”
As we begin a new Rotary year here is a refresher on paying fines. 
Birthdays -  We are celebrating birthdays once a month, normally on the first Thursday. This month because we didn't have a first Thursday meeting  we will celebrate this week.  We ask members to consider paying $1 for every birthday year they celebrate. Thanks to all of the members who always pay their fine whether they are at the meeting or not!    
Paid Announcement -  Any announcement made at a Rotary meeting that promotes an upcoming business event or a fundraising event for a nonprofit organization other than Tacoma 8 Rotary or one that supports a political candidate or political initiative.  The cost for a paid announcement is $50 and should be about one minute in length.   Contact Kathi Willis at the Rotary office to schedule a paid announcement. Announcements must be from a member of the club.
Cell Phone - If your phone rings during the meeting you should pay $35. 
True Confessions - Opportunities (30 second or less time slots) during Rotary meetings for members to share recent, special events that have occurred.  Examples are births, graduations, engagements, marriages, vacations, job changes, promotions.  “Fines” (suggested $10 minimum) are payable at the time of True Confessions. 
There is always an opportunity to get involved in a Rotary Project. Below are a list of dates and activities from your Project Committee. For more information you can contact the Projects Committee Co-Chairs Diane Kelleher or Gil Quante, or the Project lead as noted below. 
August 17- Saturday Sorting at St. Vinnie's - Gil Quante
August 22 - Community in Schools stuff the backpacks at Rotary! John Douville
August 24 - Courage in Leavenworth Carolyn Weyrick
Reflection - Dean Carrell
Board Greeter/Roving Mic - Bryan Flint
Board Greeter/Roving Mic -  Gil Quante
National Anthem & 4 Way Test - Elliot Stockstad
Piano- Jack Warnick
Fine Counter- Di Trenh
Storywriter - Andrew Imholt
Meeting Sponsor - Arvind Phukan
AV Assistant- Jeff Rounce
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week
Peter Carlstrom - Jul 23
Shanna LaMar - Jul 23
Pat Steel - Jul 23
Mike Bitterling - Jul 24
Di Trenh - Jul 26
Anniversaries to Celebrate
Maddie Merton – 1 year
Becky Fontaine - 27 years
Deb Robinett - 28 years
Fred Moisio - Holland America 
Fred Moision - Ketchikan
Don Hansen - Gig Harbor
Cindy Niemi - Gig Harbor
Larry Treleven - Gig Harbor
Laura Fox - Cedar Rapids
John West - Chelan
Kyle Lauderdale - Tacoma Sunrise

Meeting Sponsors are needed it's a great $100 investment!

  • Sponsoring Club Member/business will be highlighted by the President from the podium at least twice during the meeting.
  • A slide highlighting the sponsor business will be in rotation in the dashboard PowerPoint presentation, before the meeting.
  • Sponsor may set up a display and/or offer materials placed on the lunch tables.
  • Sponsor sits at the head table during the meeting and is given a 1-2 minute opportunity to showcase their business or event. This can also be in the form of a video presentation.
  • There is no limitation about what can be presented, it can be a description of the business or can promote an upcoming event.

To sponsor a meeting, contact the Rotary office or Vocational Committee Co-Chairs Andrew Imholt or Missy Zenczak.

Social at The Table May 16
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
July 25th
1022 S J Street
Creative cocktails
August 1st
5104 Grand Loop A
August 8th
Thursdays at 5
Tacoma Dome
2727 E D St
Reflections from the meeting of July 18 from DeAnne Hamilton
At 12:05pm, President Carol Duris’ daughter Scarlett, got the meeting off to a great start with the ringing of the bell!
Dean Hanks provided the invocation. He asked for a pledge to ensure success for the year for President Carol. The word of the day from Hanks was Gratitude. He asked us to think about what we are most grateful for and reminded us to give thanks through acknowledgement of those who inspire gratitude in each of us.  Jan  Brazzell led us in the national anthem and four way test, with Jack Warnick on the piano. Molly Peterson, Ben Bridge and Monique Valenzuela, Tacoma Youth Marine Foundation manged roving mics as we welcomed guests, visiting Rotarians and prospective members. 
Cindy Niemi was asked to come forward to introduce the newest member of Rotary 8, Alecia Cunningham, who is from the Girl Scouts. During her introduction of Alicia, Cindy shared some of the lessons she learned early in life selling Girl Scout cookies…..the experience led her into marketing. Alecia Cunningham is Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Girl Scouts. She described herself as a Mom of three boys, a wife – she and her husband just recently celebrated their anniversary! A go-getter and innovator, she is excited to join the club and shared that she will ask anyone for anything….she’s ready to go and brings energy galore. She also brought Girl Scout cookies for everyone!
Michael Thompson came forward to celebrate birthdays for the month of July.  After sharing a quote that is often erroneously attributed to Mark Twain, Thompson asked each July birthday person to answer “What did you know or thought you knew about business, about workplaces, about people at the very beginning of your career that still holds true today? The answers varied from communications and relationships to completing your assignments to a person’s worth not being tied to their salary to leaving a place better than it was found. Inspiration abounded in the comments shared by fellow Rotarians; Noah Baskett, Maureen Fife, Dean Hanks, Jim Henderson, Kim Bedier, Joe Gordon Jr, Jan Anderson, Skip Anderson, Brien Elvins and Jan Brazzell.  Anniversaries ranging from 1 year to 33 years were acknowledged for the following members;  Bruce DammeierDiane KelleherCindy GradyLinda Nguyen, Donna HaynesCarol WebsterRobin EchtleSteve O’BrienMaureen Fife  and Past President Ray Schuler.
Rotarians were uplifted and inspired the messages shared by fellow Rotarian Dr. John Gaines. He was introduced by Jackie Flowers of Tacoma Public Utilities who shared that she is inspired by him on a daily basis.
Dr. John PUSH Gaines was a foster child, who “pushes” others to be the best they can possibly be. He graduated from East Central University, gained his Masters from Liberty University and will soon have his Ph.D in Business. He is Community Relations Manager at Tacoma Public Utilities where he pushes everyone to be better and to do better. Gaines has been in Rotary just under a year and chose as his theme the “Spirit of a Rotarian” and what it means to him. He shared three stories of people who impacted his life and who influenced him.
As a young man he dreamed of playing football. He shared his dream with his brother who advised him that if that’s what you want, you have to start playing football. So he went out for the team when he got to high school. He shared with the coach that the position he wanted to play was running back. But the coach has other ideas and tried to spoil that dream by telling him “you ain’t no running back”, you’ll play the offensive line. Having his dream derailed, his brother helped by encouraging him with the idea that if you start everyday with a great thought, it will lead to great actions. So everyday begins with a great thought…..and questions of what to be grateful for and other affirmations such as “I can accomplish everything….. these thoughts became his actions and helped him build his confidence.
Going back to the team with newly found confidence, he once again shared his dream of being a running back with his coach. This time the coach told him…..if you can run and beat all these players you can be running back……he did! His coach then shared that he always knew……Off to college where his team the first couple of  years stood at 0-11, as a group of young students shared after hearing these stats – you guys sucked!  Which they did, but this helped him understand that his dream couldn’t be just about himself, he needed to show up and encourage the team to be the best. By the time senior year came around the team began winning, but he was injured after being hit by a very large player on the other team. His hip was dislocated, and he was told he couldn’t play……but it turned out that he had to be put into the game when a couple of his team mates were injured. He ended up running the winning score of the game helping his team be champions!
His second story was about a teacher who influenced him. She asked what he wanted to become, he shared his dream of playing college football. She believed him and shared that she also believed he could be more than an athlete. That she saw him as a leader who would inspire the nation.  Her words of support embodied the Spirit of a Rotarian. Here she was, speaking to a young man who had a speech impediment, and learning disabilities who had just the week before lost his mother to crack cocaine, and telling him that she believed in him. He reminded us that what you say matters.
His third story was about Miss Irene. Who he says truly inspires the Spirit of a Rotarian. She was a tutor who taught him to read. He had lost contact with her, but was able to find her after 27 years by putting her picture on Facebook. He was able to speak at her church.  His message…."It Matters” what you say matters this is the work and service of Rotary to him. He left us with three key points: 1 - Legacy is not what we leave, it is what we inspire in people. 2 - Not all heroes wear capes. 3- Start every single day with a great thought because they become great actions.  Focus on one person at a time, that’s how we change the world. Give a hug, give a smile. Needless to say, his fellow Rotarians gave him a rousing round of applause and a standing ovation!
A donation in Dr. John PUSH Gaines name was made by Jacki Flowers from her RI Foundation recognition points account, to award John with his first Paul Harris Fellowship.  President Carol thanked John for his remarks and presented him with the speaker gift, a donation to the RI Foundation.
Carol Webster came forward to ask for volunteers to host one of the incoming Exchange students from Sweden and France.  Ask a friend or a neighbor if you are unable to host yourself.
John Douville invited members to join in the fun for Stuff the Bus on August 22nd immediately following the regular meeting. 
Tracy Peacock invited volunteers to help sort through donations at St. Vinnie’s on August 17 from noon to 3.
President Carol thanked Dean for the invocation, Jan and Jack for the music, Cindy for introducing Alecia as a new member, and John for his inspiring remarks. Next week’s speaker will be Dr. Frank Senecal. The social will be at Anthony’s as we join the members who spent the afternoon at Camp Goodtimes.  President Carol rang the bell at 1:00 pm and urged everyone to be People of Action this coming week.

Thought for the Week 

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