Better New Year’s Resolutions for yourself AND your Rotary Club
Jan 03, 2019
Cosette Pfaff
Better New Year’s Resolutions for yourself AND your Rotary Club

Join us for a fun session with an expert who will show us the way to meaningful New Year’s resolutions as individuals, as well as resolutions for how Rotary 8 will serve the community.

Cosette Pfaff has over 30 years of business practitioner experience, working on both the revenue generating and operational side of business and has a passion for growing healthy organizations. She specializes in performance coaching and training with individuals and teams in the areas of revenue generation, customer service/retention strategies, interpersonal communications, leadership skills, organizational behavior, management and supervision, and behavioral change through methods that provide sustainable results, not the motivational “quick fixes” typical of seminar based trainings.Her diverse background includes executive management in engineering, manufacturing, telecom, HVAC and running a business incubator; company composition ranged from Fortune 500 to national, multi-site and multi-division, to small, single entity start-ups. 

She is a visiting Instructor of Business” at PLU, teaching Organizational Behavior and Global Management, Cosette is the current South Sound Group Leader for Excell Puget Sound and President of Fast Forward Your Success.