The Ghosts of Tacoma - Pretty Gritty Tours
Oct 31, 2019
Chris Staudinger
The Ghosts of Tacoma - Pretty Gritty Tours

You will learn today about the haunted history of Tacoma. 

Chris and Tawny Staudinger have traveled around the globe together as award-winning travel writers and videographers since they met on Mount Kilimanjaro 10 years ago. After experiencing more than 50 countries, they decided on Tacoma as a place to call home in 2014.

“When we chose a home base, we knew we wanted to continue sharing travel experiences with people, but this time as tour guides,” said Chris Staudinger. Their idea came to fruition in August 2016, when they paired with their longtime friends and board-game partners, Jackie and Paul Richter, to create Pretty Gritty Tours. Today, the team leads tours to everything from spooky haunts to historical neighborhoods.