TAGRO - Tacoma's Black Gold
Apr 08, 2021
Dan Thompson
TAGRO - Tacoma's Black Gold

The City of Tacoma produces a family of home gardening products known as TAGRO. These premium soil amendments and potting soils are made from wastewater residuals.  This presentation, by Dan Thompson,  will address how TAGRO is made and the history of the TAGRO program.  TAGRO currently produces 4 products each with its own characteristics and uses.  Descriptions of each product and its uses will be presented.  TAGRO products are regulated by the EPA and by the Washington State Department of Ecology.  Federal and state regulations ensure that TAGRO products are safe and effective.  Information regarding safety and efficiency will be presented. 

Dan is the division manager of Business Operations for the City of Tacoma Environmental Services Department.  He has over 30 years experience in the environmental field including 25 years in water, wastewater, and Biosolids management.  Dan has a Bachelor of Science degree in forest management from Washington State University and a Masters and PhD in Silviculture from the University of Washington.

Dan began working with biosolds in 1989 designing forest fertilization units for Seattle METRO.  He became a Senior Environmental Specialist for the City of Everett in 1993 and created and managed Everett’s biosolds management program.  Dan has been the manager of Tacoma’s TAGRO class A Biosolids program since 2002.  He has overseen the development of numerous Biosolids derived soil products including TAGRO Potting Soil, Top Soil, Roof Garden Mix and Mulch.