Civility In Polarized Times
Feb 21, 2019
Maralise Hood Quan
Civility In Polarized Times


Learn the key tools on how to engage in civil dialog when faced with disagreements and receive information on The Center’s work to make this a reality in our community. 

Maralise, and her husband Julio (former Rotary 8 member), chose to “retire” in Tacoma because 20 years ago Tacoma was internationally known for successful community response to violence. Since 2007, Maralise has brought her academic interests of conflict resolution, international relations, anthropology, and law to her work as the Executive Director of the Center for Dialog & Resolution.  She shares her enthusiasm for lifelong learning and her curiosity about what motivates each of us to help make our community a better place. Her background with Julio at the United Nations University for Peace Conflict Resolution Program and the years of work in violent settings, brings an optimistic approach that encourages us all to be better!